Having two blogs at the same time.

I don’t know. Having both WordPress and Tumblr makes me feeling having both is slightly unnecessary. But I still really love WordPress but barely use it! But I obviously use Tumblr more. Maybe I should get rid of one? Idk…


Over 11,000 views!

Omg my blog blew up big time! Last year, I only had 2,000 views. This year, I have over 11,000! This is probably because of my review of Jimi-Kare. Thanks guys! And thanks to all the…15ish people who follow me! To celebrate, I’m showing you guys my favorite search terms people put into their browser to find my blog. 




Alright but be prepared to suffer the consequences of doing so. 🙂
I wondered that too.
Nope. 🙂
Not all. 🙂

Thanks guys!

Clichés in Anime

Hey guys! So I watched BCG’s list of some of his top 10 anime clichés, and I wanted to add to the list! This isn’t a top 10, but more of a simple list of things I notice in anime a lot. So here…..we…..go!
1. Saying The Name Of Your Power Before You Use It:


Shadow Jutsu!!!”

“King Lion Reverse Wind Strike!!!” 

“Pikachu, use Lightning Strike!!!”

2. Saying What Your Power Does Before Using it:

Why TF would you do that?

3. Unmoving Backgrounds:

By this, I mean scenes where the main characters are moving but everything and everyone in the background freeze in time. *Cough* Pokemon, *cough* Chaos Dragon, *cough* Maid Sama, *cough* Mirai Nikki

4. Idiot Harem Heroines:

Why do they make female harem main character so dumb and the male harem main character so OP?

5. Perverted Nosebleeds:

Pervs Unite!

6. Beach/Bathhouse Episodes:

There’s only two reasons for these. Filler and…


7. Guy Walks In On Girl Naked:

8. Running With Toast In the Mouth:

This is more of a joke than anything.

9. Guy Who Trips and Lands On a Girls Boob:


How strange there hands can’t seem to land anywhere else!

10. Over Powered Male Protagonist:

I hate these kinds of characters. Which mean I hate all three of these characters. They’re all terrible.

11. Interrupted During a Sexy Scene:

*brrrring* *buzz* the telephone rings. Or your mom walks in.

12. Anime Characters That Always Have Their Eyes Closed


And how terrifying they look when those eyes open.

13. Incest Anime:

Stop it.

14. Pantie Flashing:

What food is to humans is what panties are to anime

15. All Male & Female Harem Characters All Having Different Hair Colors:


I believe this is because most harem members are to generic to remember so they all have to go by different hair color.

16. Winning With The Power Of Friendship:

It’s always fun to kick ass with some friends.

17. Shonen Protagonist Always Eat Too Much:

18. Highschool:


19. Whatever the hell this sparkly background shit is:

20. The “WOW!” Sound Effect

21. Mother freaking oversize oppai knockers

I’m only going to do 3 picture because if I didn’t there would be more pictures of boobs than all other pictures her combined. So many boobs! What a soul is to a human, is what tits are to anime.

Dear lord….

To be continued…

The Sexualization Of Little Girls in Anime

Japanese culture has taken the world by storm. Anime, has become wildly popular over the last century. But just like anything, anime has both it’s good, and bad sides. For awhile now, girls, especially very young girls, have been overly sexualized, and has become the norm in many anime. Girls are given unrealistic over sized breasts at a young age. Most times, they’re in highschool. But this shouldn’t really be tolerated in anime, or in media in general in my opinion.

    Lolis, are anime girls that have more of a child-like appearance, and most times are either sexualized, or extremely close to crossing the line to being erotic, but this is not always the case. For example, Shiro from ‘No Game No Life’ is six years old, yet is continuously shown in the nude, in sexual positions, and doing sexual things to other people. In the first scene where the audience meets our two main characters, Shiro’s panties are shown. As in the camera was directly focusing on her panties. One of the most common defenses of young, child-like anime girls like this is, “It’s not real, it’s just a drawing.” An argument like this just seems like a “loophole” to continuing to watch underage girls in the nude. And why would anyone want to watch an underage child be sexualized?

Also, some loli characters are extremely close to crossing the line. Kanna, from “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid” is one of those characters. She does tease sexual things to her friend, who looks  just as young as she is. There was even a scene where she implies wanting to be sexual with that friend, and they got close to doing so until they were interrupted. This is further proven when Kanna left that friend’s house, and she said “Dragon-Style” (Meaning Doggy-Style). Kanna is a dragon, so they age just as quickly as humans, but look younger because they live longer. Since she’s not the age of an actual child the argument is that it’s ok, and it’s not pedophila, which is, yet another loophole. Kanna is a child. She still has the mind of a child. She acts like a child, she plays and speaks like a child too. Therefore, she is a child.

If the people who created these characters wanted to sexualize underaged anime girls, then why not keep their age how they look instead of changing it to the age of an adult? It’s because they know it’s wrong, otherwise they wouldn’t try changing their ages to the age of consent. Even though the age of consent in Japan is 13 years old, and that’s apart of their culture does that still make it ok? Almost all people agree that pedophila is wrong, sexualizing young girls is wrong, and that children (in real life) need to be protected, but why is it ok in anime? It just seems like a double standard.

The sexualiztion of young girls in anime has been a continuous problem that seems to always get swept under the rug. No one really talks about it. It’s just that elephant in the room that people willfully ignore. But since anime is becoming more and more popular, more and more people are being exposed to this. And people shouldn’t be desensitized to the sexualization of girls.

Ok so I feel as if I should clarify somethings since some people seem to misunderstand me. Firstly, just know I wrote this as a small essay in a workshop class, and that when you write an essay, you need to stick to it, and not let up on your argument. Which is why this kinda comes of extremely strong and matter-of-factly. Truth is, I don’t have all the answers and neither does anyone else. I personally don’t like lolis. It’s as simple as this: I see what is to be represented as a little kid being sexualized, I get extremely creeped out. I know that the sexualization of kids in anime is nowhere as terrible as the sexualization and abuse of kids in real life. Not on the same level, absolutely nowhere close whatso ever. But, I’m an anime blog, so I talk about things that go on in anime. Also yes, I do try to avoid it and go away whenever I see it, but that’s kinda hard when it’s freaking everywhere in anime! If you like lolis, I don’t believe your a terrible person in any way shape or form and no one else should. If this topic isnt for you, you obviously don’t need to respond. But regardless, if you want go ahead and comment, and give your opinion.

Also, so that everyone can see this, I have a few questions I’d like to discuss if you want or care:

1. If you like lolis, what is sexually attractive about them? It’s ok if you don’t know.


2. Overall how do you feel about them?


So awhile ago I made a page talking about how I thought I wanted to be on Tumblr, and I wasn’t so sure. I choose WordPress over Tumblr because I thought that’s where the “big dogs” were. Also it just scared me in general because it’s the largest blogging platform. I also had trouble actually trying to make an account, so I took it as a sign that I didn’t need Tumblr. But I did it anyways! That doesn’t mean I won’t upload on WordPress though! This is still my first and favorite blogging platform. I’m just trying something new. It also means I might not upload as much here (I don’t uploaded here much regardless tbh). I’m just testing new waters is all. I exported everything on here, over there. So everything’s pretty much the same. I’ll leave a link here: purinpanda.tumblr.com

Jimi-Kare (My Quiet Boyfriend) Review/Guide

Today I’m introducing a romance game called Jimi-Kare! Or My Quiet Boyfriend in English. This is a free to play app made by SEEC inc. In this game, you play as a main heroine that you can name whatever you want, and you help your old childhood friend named Nao, come out of his introverted shell and become a cooler and more relaxed guy. All while there’s a beauty competition coming up soon, that you and and Nao need to prepare for in hopes of winning. 
This is just your standard clicker game. You just need to keep tapping a button to create motivational bubbles that will help to encourage Nao.  It also gives you experience so that you can continue the story. Speaking of the story, MILD SPOILERS BELOW.

First things first. The most noticable thing right off the bat, is that the grammar in this story isn’t that great. But it’s not unbearable. You can play it just fine and understand everything that’s going perfectly. But it does distract from the story a little. 

The story is pretty standard. It is an interesting one though. But to get to the next part of the story, you of course need to click away till your fingers fall off. The tapping for me got very boring, especially as I got closer to finishing the game. But the story was interesting enough to keep me from quitting. It takes a long time to reach on of the four endings and I’m not a patient person. To be completely honest, if you just keep tapping you could reach on of the endings in an hour in a half. Which might not be that long for some people, but it bored me. It took me two days to complete the entire game and get all endings and CGs. 

The main characters are pretty much the only characters in the game, besides one “bad guy” named Ryota who bullies Nao everyday, and is basically your typical generic, narcissistic bully in this story. Ryota likes the MC, but is annoyed by Nao. Nao and main heroine are always together, so that creates conflict.

Nao is the guy on the right. Noah is the dumb, idiot name I chose for the MC.

Yeah, yeah you get the gist of it. Ryota is generic.

So the two main characters, Noa and MC are of course the best part of the story, and it’s fun to see where their relationship will end up. Now is an introvert who can either be “fixed” or “broken” By the choices of MC. And MC is extroverted and wants to rekindle her relationship with Nao. 

There are two major parts of the story where you choose what you will do. The first ones are these two options:

This is where either your character, or Nao can pick his clothes for the beauty contest.


If you let Nao chose his clothes for himself, you’ll have to choose either of the two options on the left. If your character chooses for him, you’ll have to choose either of the two options on the right. There is one good ending and one bad ending for each set of options. So there are two good and bad endings overall.

If you would like to see all CGs in the game, click here. Spoilers duh dur…

There isn’t much to say about this game. It’s really fun, and is good time waster. In the game there are these things that will give you thirty experience points in you use it. Its a detox drink you give to Nao. There are also coins that will give you either 30 experience, 3 experience, or another detox drink. But one tip before I wrap-up is that it’s possible to get more of these by changing whatever day it might be to the next day. And to keep doing that because every time the game loads back up you will get one detox drink. More detox drinks equals more experience points.

So all in all, My Quiet Boyfriend is a fun game and good time waster. Also can you guys sign up under this link https://teensearncash.com/?ref=PurinePanda32. So I can make moneeeyyzzz. *^* And so can you! You literally get $20 just by signing up! WordPress ad monetization kinda sucks soooo. Please!

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