Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama Review/Rant: An Unpopular Opinion.

Kaichou Wa Maid- Sama (The class president is also a maid) Review/Rant

Ok, the only reason I found out about this anime is because I recently got my friend into anime, and I guess she stumbled across this one on her own. Now she worships the ground this anime walks on.

I totally understand. I remember blindly loving my first few animes. But I’ve been watching anime for about 2-3 years. I’ve learned and grew as a person with watching anime. I look back on old anime and can admit they were pretty stupid XD.

Mostly like Beyblades, Pokemon, and Mirai Nikki or some shit, but those are nostalgic for me and have a special place in my heart. Even if they are total crap, I will still appreciate and love them for what they are. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with someone doing that.

So, I’m happy my friend has found an anime she loves. I hope she grows as an anime watcher and lover. But Maid-Sama is kinda all she talks about now. She begged me to watch this anime and…..man, this anime REALLY sucks. It honestly pains me to watch this anime. Not only because  I thought it was terrible, but because I really wanted to like this anime. But, to each his own I guess. I feel like I’m digging my own grave here. I fear you Maid-Sama fans.

People in the anime community are a weird type of human breed I don’t understand. If you hate something they like, then they will try to defend it by saying “You didn’t understand it” or ” You took it too seriously.” In this anime’s case, they’ll use the typical, “It’s just a comedy.”

So, how seriously should we take certain anime?? Well, I don’t know. I just know what I like and what I don’t. Also, it being “just a comedy” doesn’t make it exempt from criticism.

This is my opinion on the anime and everyone is allowed to have their own opinion. If you like this anime, then just like my friend, I’m genuinely happy you found something you enjoy, but I don’t know why I need to say this though. People really enjoy getting triggered over someone’s opinion being different from theirs.

So, with that said, let’s move on!

Maid-sama is anime that revolves around two main characters, Misaki and Usui. Misaki is the class president of an all boys school called Sekai High. She is also working part-time as a maid… that’s pretty much it. That is if you ignore all the unneeded scenes, episodes, and characters from the entire anime. Usui is the love interest. And um…. thus begins the tale of Misaki’s and Usui’s love. I think???

(Btw, am I the only one who doesn’t like this anime? I haven’t seen ONE bad review of Maid Sama. So, I’ll be the first I guess…)

Maid Sama vs me. In a nutshell.

Let me be blatant here with the story because, to be honest, there isn’t one. Plot? What plot? Or maybe its more like, where did the plot go? Is it about Misaki turning the entire boy’s school co-ed? That’s her goal yet I feel like they barely talk about it. It’s said that the reason Misaki’s at this all boy’s school is because she is poor.

But man, no wonder all the boys in this school hate her guts. Misaki is terrible! You will hate her in the first episode. She is a Buzzfeed feminazi’s wet dream. If Misaki were in today’s current society, she would be more infamous than that red-headed chick who’s the poster girl for crazy feminists. Or that “Hugh Mungus” chick. Either one. She is portrayed to be this tough female character, but tough and controlling/abusive are two totally different things. I think the Nostalgic Critic said it best. He said that there was a time where women were very under appreciated, and with the Woman’s Rights movement, Hollywood had to find a way to portray woman as strong and independent. But instead of making them look strong and independent, they made them look like complete stuck-up bitches because they didn’t know any other way to write strong female characters. And this is Misaki’s problem.

You see, Misaki is the school council president and an ideal tsundere. In the first episode, she is shown verbally abusing the male students. Calling them lowlifes, and idiotic males. (This is in the English dub though. And her voice is nails on chalkboard annoying in the English version.)

First episode people. Our heroine =.=

What the actual fuck? What a bitch! She really mad because they’re not as “perfect” as her uppity ass?

I read that the reason why Misaki might hate men so much is because her father left her, her sister, and her mother in a mountain of debt. And that’s why she thinks most men are disgusting pigs. Ok understandable. I can believe that. (Btw Misaki’s sister introduced this exposition in a very sloppy, and lazy way. Its almost like she was talking directly to the audience. It was awkward.)

More like, punch with your fists but whatever you say Misaki

But the anime never said that this was specifically the reason why she hates men. Since the anime never goes into any further detail about this. You end up thinking that Misaki’s a huge bitch for no reason whatsoever. If the anime doesn’t care to explain, well then, I don’t care.

But even still. Misaki’s mother seems like a decent caring mother. So why didn’t she teach Misaki to not go in life hating men due to this incident? Does she even know about Misaki’s inner turmoil with men? Probably not since Misaki just does whatever the hell she wants. Does Misaki’s mom even know what she does to the guys at school?!?! Explanation does not always equal justification. She has no reason to be physically and verbally abusing the male students.

God, just…. fuck you.

Misaki, LITERALLY ripped a guy’s earrings RIGHT FROM HIS EARS because it wasn’t in dress code. *Major sarcasm here* Hahaha, this is TRUE comedy, right? Sexism is soo funny, isn’t it? Ahahaha, if it were the OTHER way around, and Misaki was male and the students were female, then and only then would it have been sexist right? Misaki’s a GIRL being abusive to BOYS. So all abuse is null and void! It’s ok! Girls can’t be sexist at aaallll. Itszz sssuuupppooosszzeedd touuu bbeeehh FUNNNEEHHH!!

Making it chibi does not make it funny…

And I will admit. The boys were a little out of control. But they’re boys. Yes, have rules and discipline so things won’t get outta hand, but goddamn don’t put your hands on people! How come she hasn’t been suspended or expelled??

Another point is when Misaki finally meets Usui she yells at him because he rejected a girl’s love confession and made her cry. She screams at him. Saying that he needs to work on his rejection technique so that he’ll stop consistently hurting all the girls’ feelings. Then she storms off.

Making it chibi again…

Ya know Misaki, maybe that girl that ran off could, ya know…. grow a pair and get over it? Of course, girls will get upset if their love confession is rejected. Anyone would. If that person doesn’t like you, they just don’t like you. You just have to toughen up and move the fuck on.

Then, Misaki has the AUDACITY, to say that she hates guys that make girls cry. But the bitch would have no problem ripping your earrings right from your head and making YOU cry. If you were male of course. Way to go Misaki.

Even though I stand by all of what I said, I will admit that Misaki does get nicer as the episodes go on. I just think they could’ve fleshed her out ALOT more. There was no reason for her to act like that. Even if she did have an explanation why. My dad left me =/= abuse fellow peers.

If they didn’t focus on pointless things in this anime, she would probably be a really good character. One could say her becoming nicer counts as character development. And in a way, it is. But to me, it seems more like she’s just going through the stages of a stereotypical tsundere. Be angry, then be nice. But tsundere is not a personality! And I’ll explain why later.

Meanwhile, we still don’t know what the hell is going on in this anime! Is it about Misaki and Usui’s relationship? Uh… kinda?? But a lot of times during the anime they are rarely shown having good moments. Usually, Misaki and Usui are just with a group of friends. I wanted them to be together but I didn’t feel anything. They look cute together. Just look!:

Soo cute!

They need more moments together. I mean more decent romantic moments. Because when they do show them together, most of the time it’s either Usui being a perverted asshole and Kabe-donning her against a wall, or downright bullying and embarrassing Misaki. Mostly, it’s him just being hot and looking “cool”.

There’s a scene where Usui, literally pulls up Misaki’s dress and comments on her underwear! A normal person probably would’ve punched him in the face, or filed a restraining order against him, but oh noo. Not Misaki. If that were any other male character, Misaki would’ve sent their asses flying like Team Rocket. But Usui suffers from “hot love interest”.

A common disease that prevents male characters from getting their asses handed to them in those sorts of situations. But Misaki’s an idiot who goes all doki doki for him just because he’s the main guy. Also, I swear even the guys in the anime seem like they wanna make a love confession to Usui more than the girls. He’s just that “awesome” apparently. And, Misaki and Usui never go on dates!

I don’t remember any scenes where they actually talk about themselves. We never learn about Usui’s life before meeting Misaki. I feel like aliens most likely teleported Usui into existence. So that’s probably why there’s not much to talk about with him.This would also explain his nonexistent personality.

In fact, this would explain a lot of the crap that goes on in this anime. None of them are human. They’re just aliens that are pretending to be human. That would explain why the characters don’t act like real people. Even Misaki calls him a stalker alien because he’s always on her crotch! In fact, I have no clue why Usui likes Misaki anyways and vise versa. The first time they met, Misaki yelled at him. Second time they meet, Usai “just so happened” to pass by where she works and saw her in her maid outfit and threatened to tell everyone at school he saw her unless she became his personal maid.

So…. WHY DOES MISAKI EVEN LIKE HIM? He literally manipulated her! I guess because he’s a hot guy and she’s a hot girl, and they both sat in the “main character chair,” *poof* they’re together now even though they have no chemistry whatsoever.

Aww! You’re self-aware! Time for a restraining order!

Relationships you say? Character development? Pfffttt, naw😄. We gotta fill episodes with Misaki being a samurai for absolutely no reason whatsoever and has absolutely nothing to do with anything and can be totally skipped and you won’t miss a  damn thing! That was episode 9. (Yes she was a fucking samurai. You can’t make this shit up.)

Or a hypnotist student. Who wanted to get rid of Misaki and destroy her whole plan to make the school co-ed all because he cant talk to girls (Yes really)! Not only are we gonna introduce this new hypnotist character, we’re  gonna forget all about him in the next episodes to come! So it’s like he never even existed! His purpose and episode were pointless! And he got absolutely no punishment at all for trying to terrorize the school!

What about an episode about a little prepubescent boy dressing up as a loli girl? Because that’s MOST important to the plot right? Not building relationships, or talking about the past so we can know where the hell Usui came from or anything like that. Let’s not forget all the pandering we have to do! Like pandering to the yaoi crowd and having Usui kissing the male vice council president and landing on top of the pre pubescent loli boy! Yay!

  He’s  pointless
Ok, Maid-Sama, why would you censor their lips? It’s OBVIOUS what they’re doing! If you didn’t want people to see them kissing, why would you put this scene here in the first place, or censor it in the first place? Why do these two kissing need to be censored, but Usui and Misaki do not? Trying soo hard to pander to that fujoshi crowd huh? Like when Usai fell on top of that cross-dresser kid? That’s just dumb.

Just because a character gets a lot of screen time, that doesn’t mean they’re important. Shuu from Diabolik Lovers got a decent amount of screen time and his reason for being there is so unnecessary it could rip the fabric of space and time. Because you know your anime sucks when it has pointless fanservice and a fuck ton of filler! I swear this anime is like a walking middle finger.

Now, I’m not saying all fanservice is bad. CAN be done right. But fanservice is often sometimes used when the anime has nothing better to offer. 

Now I’m a yaoi finatic. So yes, I do like some fanservice. But, that doesn’t mean I’ll just accept pure bullshit when I see it, I’m not gonna let my inner fangirl stop me from seeing when something is shit. If I did, then I would accept the atrocities such as Boku no Pico, Super Lovers, and Money Lover. And as much as I love yaoi, not all yaoi is good. Just like how not all fanservice is good.

There were some episodes where I actually really appreciated Misaki. Episode 10, where Misaki’s friend Sakura fell in love with a famous rock band singer Kūga Sakurai . They all meetup and it turns out he only likes Misaki (Damn why does everyone want her crotch?) Kūga starts acting like a complete cunt by ignoring Sakura and flirting with Misaki. Misaki stands up for her friend and basically tells him to fuck off. (Even though, yet and still, this plot had nothing to do with anything)

More like Cūntga

Another episode I liked was how she handled the Yumeyama Brothers. They looked up to her strength and kindness and worshiped her. They basically followed her everywhere and barely gave her room to breathe. But she didn’t ignore them or tell them to fuck off, she trained them and praised them!

I like these guys but let’s be honest, Maid-Sama reused their animation and tossed it off by calling them quintuplets. Also, they gave these poor five characters no distinguishable traits of their own. Instead, they talk at the same time, and all have the same ambitions. To worship their Goddess Misaki.

Although I liked it, It was still pointless!!! They had to do with anything. All these pointless characters trying to worm their way onto the screen, just to be forgotten and never mentioned again. All of these pointless moments and scenes that could be used on building Misaki and Usui’s relationship, Misaki making the school co-ed, or character development!

Speaking of him, let’s talk about heartthrob babe that makes all the girls and boys panties moist, Usui! Usui is one of the worst characters in the anime. The reason I think so is because Usui is way too damn perfect. An UsuiJesus if you will. He’s terrible because he’s perfect.

We never learn about this guy’s past so it’s like he materialized out of thin air and is just there. Speaking of just there, Usui is always at the right place at the right time! He’s just so damn convenient!

Can’t you feel the radiance of his perfection weighing you down? (God I hate him so much)

It’s not just this anime’s goldfish-like attention span to its own plot that hurts the anime, but it’s also it’s godawful, stupid, unexplained asspulls! This is the second thing that angered me in this anime.

Ok, now listen to these few scenes of bullshit this anime tried to spoonfeed to me that highlights Usui’s Jesusness and Misaki being a complete idiot.

Misaki is being held hostage by two stalker guys. Misaki is handcuffed and the two guys are coming closer to her (as an FYI through these moments just know, Misaki does know martial arts). Before Usui can save her, she BREAKS THE FUCKING HANDCUFFS defying all logic and reason, and defeats the two stalkers before Usui gets there!

OK so if Misaki can 1. Do martial arts 2. Can break through handcuffs, and 3. Can defeat two men and tie them up in 5 seconds, why did she get tied up in the first place! Why did she wait so long to break free?!

It’s my understanding that one of the guys had a taser when they captured her. But she could’ve kicked that shit out his hands! She knows Aikido or some shit like that. They didn’t teach you how to kick? What did they teach you in martial arts class? To only defend yourself when the plot demands it? Ahem, inconsistent much?

In another episode, there’s a scene with Misaki, who GETS HELD HOSTAGE AGAIN *facepalm*, but by a rich guy named Tora Igarashi. Imma just calls him green douche because that’s all he is.

Greendouche visited Sekai High to compliment Misaki for her hard work turning co-ed and acting all gentlemanly but I could tell from the start he was gonna be an obvious asshole bad guy. Misaki KNOWS martial fucking arts!!! Dude is about to fucking rape her!

Greendouche “just happens” to know Judo. Which “just so happens” to be an LVL higher than the martial arts she knows. What would a logical person, who knows how to defend themselves do in this is situation??? They would still at least try to fight back!

What does Misaki do? Not a damn thing! All she did was try to kick him. After that attempt failed, she didn’t even try again! You know why? Cause this anime HAS no logic! He held her down and she didn’t even try to struggle!  She was about to just let it happen! Plus, it took her over 20 seconds to even try that. She was laid down for over a minute (I timed it)! If she can break out of fucking handcuffs, why can’t she break away from him?!! The anime just wanted to show what a “great” and “awesome” guy Usai is by saving her. Meanwhile, making her look stupid in the process.

Shit, I guess anyone could go up to her and say they’re a higher level of martial arts than her and she’ll just bend over and take it. Making rape victims look stupid.

Usui saved her, no biggie until I realized…wait? How’d he fend off all the guards? WHERE THE FUCK DID HE LEARN HOW TO FIGHT?! How did he fend off the five or six guys out there?

Is Usui a higher level of martial arts then green douche? Never explained, never explained, never explained!! How come everyone in this anime just conveniently knows how to fight??? Are you actually shitting me?!?!? EXPLAIN MAID SAMA! EXPLAIN!!!  Also, absolutely no cops were called at a RAPE attempt! Fucking wow.

Ok, listen to this pure horse cock asspull the anime tries to shove down your throat. The gang wants a guy named Hirofumi (imma just call him gray douche) to apologize for saying that all the kids in Sekai High were flies.

Graydouche says the only way he’ll do it if they win a chess match against him. Usui volunteers. Usui claims he’s “played a little chess.” But, Graydouche won 4TH PLACE IN A CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP. The victor should be obvious right?

Guess. Who. Fucking. Won?  I couldn’t fucking believe it. I was thinking to myself while watching this scene, “There’s no way, this anime could actually be this stupid, and actually make Usui win. There’s no way.” HE DID!! HE FUCKING DID!!! WTF!?!?!?! HOW DID HE EVEN WIN?!?!?! ARE YOU ACTUALLY KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?!?!?! Oh my lord, this anime cannot be real…

Fuck you, Usui.

It was around this point, that I wanted to turn off the anime because the sheer amount of cringe I had inside me, could’ve given me a heart attack. Usui is such a Gary Stus that he beat a 4th place chess champion with his limited knowledge of how to actually play chess?!?!? This anime had the AUDACITY to try to insult my intelligence, with this lukewarm, corn shit soup asspull, “JUUSSSZZTT BBECCUZZZ USSUUII IZZZ AAAMMAZZINNNGGGHHH”. No Maid-Sama, bullshit! They should’ve called this anime Maid”justbefuckingcause”. No adults at all to control and fix these problems. Where tf are they???

Now, remember the cops not being called after a rape attempt? You know why? Because there are no adults in this anime! The only adult I’ve seen in this anime was Misaki’s mother. There are no teachers in their school at all. They never once show a teacher or principal in this damn school! That’s why Misaki could get away with the shit she does! That’s why greendouche could get away with a rape attempt ( he had no adults in his fucking school either)!

Because if the anime did have teachers, they would kick Misaki out of school for her behavior, because anyone who’d act like Misaki, would be fucking crazy. Of course, we can’t have any adult authority in this anime. Oh no. If there was authority then Misaki’s power would be limited.

But because it not, she can do stuff like refuse all of the ideas the boys had for the festival, but accept all the ideas for the girls. We need more of Misaki’s abuse! She’s a tsundere! So she needs to be this way right?

Listen, tsundere isn’t a fucking personality. No one is just one thing. Misaki in this anime is either tsun or dere. This anime needs more moments where she shows emotion. Since it seems like she really cares about the students (later on). But honestly, who the hell put Misaki in charge?!

So now, let’s talk about the animation. I’d say is pretty good most of the time. The characters are beautiful and colors seem to blend very nicely. But, my god. Those backgrounds…They look like my third-grade desk doodles. Someone did those background and was given the “ok”. Someone did those backgrounds and was paid for it.

The foreground looks good, the background looks terrible.
Look at that background. That is just lazy.

Lastly, the music. I swear to goodness this anime must have like four songs because I always hear, a repeat of the same song over and over and over. The only good one being the opening. Now, to wrap up this Christmas present from hell, this anime to me is the worst way to do a romance anime.

Well, a romantic comedy in general. Or any anime in fact. It is a shame if your romantic comedy had no romance or comedy. But I’ll admit, there were even a few times that made me smile. It is really depressing that this anime had to stoop so low with its pandering, pointless fanservice, asspulls, and filler. It tried to do so much and couldn’t decide what it wanted to do with itself, and ended up shitting itself. No one the anime deems relevant gets any punishment for their actions that in real life would get them expelled, or in jail! Usui should have restraining orders against him! Misaki is a tough female character, but only when the anime isn’t licking God Usai’s cock! How tf are you gonna have Maid Sama be set in a realistic world similar to ours, but have unrealistic events happen to the characters? I don’t care if it’s a comedy, it’s bullshit.

Remember the last time you ripped the earrings off a guy on purpose? Or verbally and physically abused those around you with no repercussions for your actions? Or that time you knew martial arts but didn’t even try to defend yourself against an attempted rape because dude simply “claimed” he was stronger than you? Or That last time you WERE the attempted rapist and didn’t get expelled or arrested? Remember the last time you won against a 4th place chess champion with barely any experience? #relatable2k16 amirite?

Listen, when a character is unrelatable and unrealistic, you might just stop caring for those characters. You have no one to attach to. Sometimes this anime does hit its marks and other times it fails. WHY! Oh, why did they do this to you Maid-Sama?! You could’ve been so much better if they had given the characters more personality, and stopped the unexplained asspulls, and stayed focused on a plot! But no.

It was all these things and more (not even joking there are even more side stories but I just don’t care anymore) that made me frustrated at this anime.

I think the thing that frustrates me the most is the fact that this anime could’ve been good.  I skimmed the ending because I was fed the fuck up. (Sorry, actually someone told me how it actually ended. I’m glad I didn’t see it because I swear if I had seen it I would’ve lost my goddamn mind. Fuck. This. Show.)

But either way, Maid Sama is not a good anime and is a waste of time. I’m done with this anime’s bull. I didn’t talk about everything that happens in this anime because there’s too freaking much going on!!! I have no rating system, so as my favorite youtuber Dxfan169 would say, “Maid-Sama gets the final rating of…Rest in Piss”

Please do not steal this review. Its mine. I spent a lot of time on it. Get your own.

Also, please leave feedback and opinions. Not your butthurt comments. I have no problem with hate but don’t  flame someone just because their opinion is different than yours.

Thanks, and please leave a like!😙


8 thoughts on “Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama Review/Rant: An Unpopular Opinion.

Add yours

  1. Bless for this amazing rant! I stumbled upon this terrible show and after getting 7 episodes in needed to actually google “why are all the boys rapists in maid-sama?” And found this post that said everything I was thinking while wasting my time on this terrible show. I really needed to know someone else felt the same about the total fuckery of this awful, nonexistent “plot” and terrible “personalities” of the main characters.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I’ll be the third one to say I thought I was the only one. I’ve tried time and time again to get into this series because I can’t make sense of it’s absurd popularity, but every time I have to drop it. It’s not the worst story out there, but it’s definitely sub-par in terms of writing. I think its key flaw is that it takes itself way too seriously. The mangaka literally said she wanted to create Usui as the perfect boyfriend, but perfection is a detriment to any character. My opinion has always been that the best ones are ones where the writer can let go of their self-projected fantasies and let the character be him/herself. I genuinely don’t understand why everyone is drooling all over him when his personality is as flat as a piece of cardboard. I’m still waiting for someone to give me one reason that this anime deserves to be at or near the top of every review list besides “omg Usui is so hOt!1!!” Misaki sort of annoys me too (though not as much as Usui does). She’s cool, independent and hardworking, but her lack of empathy and reason when dealing with guys makes her a much less sympathetic character. She just crosses the line. I usually love kickass heroines but Misaki really does come across as a bitch. I also get tired of how she obviously denies her feelings and lashes out at people to cover them up. Well, maybe this would come across as layered and interesting if she were an angsty character but it doesn’t work well at all in a poorly developed RomCom.

    Thanks for posting your thorough review! You’re definitely not alone in your opinion.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I thought I was the only one. There was no chemistry. Also how can Misaki be like that just because her father left her? I understand that it’s not good to leave your children. Though, people have been in a worse situation. For example, being raped by their own parents. It’s awful and disgusting. It makes Misaki seem like a spoiled brat. Wait sorry, Misaki IS a spoiled brat. I feel the same. When I saw the seen when Misaki ripped off those earings, I was the ‘What the fuq’. A lot of people love this series. I’ll respect their opinions but I hate this series. ‘ Oh hate is a strong word’ says random person. ‘ That’s why I’m saying it’ I said. Okay, now I’m acting weird. I actually went to find if people hate Maid Sama like me. I’m so glad I found your article. Also, it’s the same with my friend. She LOVES Kaichou Wa Maid Sama. She loves it more than Fairy Tail. Honestly, I love Fairy Tail. Sorry, if you don’t. Also, when Misaki was about to fall when she was a trap. I was literally cheering. Though, it didn’t happen because of Edward Cullen. Edward Cullen is Takumi Usui, by the way. He’s too perfect. So, he really gets me frustrated. When he does something to Misaki ( the abuser) all she does is blush. I mean, come on. She hits those other idiots but to her Usui is an angel. I know that there is times she can hit Usui. None of it made sense. Also, sorry I had to make this short. If I were to rant about them, it would take days. I’m so happy I’m not alone.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh jeez, I thought I was the only one who wasn’t clicking with this anime. I remember getting about 7-ish episodes in and just feeling really off; until I realized that feeling was just me not liking it. I mean how am I supposed to enjoy watching a show about Ms. Perfect-at-everything-she-does-and-everyone-wants-to-rape-her get together with Mr. Perfect-at-everything-he-does-and-attracts-everyone? It was the most unrelatable shit I’d ever tried to connect with. I couldn’t shake off the feeling that the entire anime was a preteen girl’s wet dream to run into this hot, nice, and idealized guy who is conveniently beamed from heaven as the flawless human being that can do everything at levels rivaling Saitama’s one punch in order to protect his bae. I’m sorry but that’s just not REALISTIC. It’s dumb, infuriating, and insulting. Kind of like how Sword Art Online was a preteen guy’s wet dream to get every girl on the planet drooling over them because he’s illogically good at games.

    Great review! I’m significantly happier knowing that I’m not the only strange being who hated this anime. We will survive together in this sea of praise that we just don’t understand. (I don’t know if I double-posted or not. My comment isn’t showing up for some reason)

    Liked by 1 person

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