Death Parade Review

Death Parade Review

Genre: Drama, Game, Mystery, Psychological, Thriller

Directed and written by: Yuzuru Tachikawa

Produced by: Takuya Tsunoki

Studio: Madhouse

My god! Anime characters that actually have noses!

I don’t really remember when I saw this anime. I think I heard about this anime from a Youtuber named Glass Reflection, and being instantly interested in it. All I know is that it was one of the best anime I’ve ever watched. My god, how I love this anime.

Ok, imma stop stalling so I can tell you how much i loved this. (Btw I might fangirl a little in this review, sorry I can’t help it. It’s what we do!! XD)

The story is about a bar(lol). It lies on the border of heaven and hell. When two people die at the same time, they will arrive at QuinDecim(the name of the bar) where they will meet an arbiter named Decim. Decim will ask for them to play one of his many games. But what they don’t know is that the games are rigged and will decide whether they go to heaven or hell.

The games are rigged to “bring out their inner darkness.” And it’s all controlled by Decim. But everything gets all messed up when a black haired woman appears. With no partner.There are multiple bars in this world. With multiple arbiters. But the main one the story focuses on is Decim and the woman Chiyuki. The other arbiters are Nora, Ginti, Clavis, Quin, Castra, and Oculus.

What I really liked in this anime, was the fact that even though these arbiters are side characters, each plays an important role in the plot. I loved most these characters. I’ll talk about the main characters near the end because there’s alot to say about them.

This little badass always means business.

Nona, is Decim’s boss. And manager of the entire tower. This girl will not take your shit and you’ll definitely pay for it. She usually remains on the 90th floor. Which brings to my mind. If there are 90 floors, are there 90 arbiters? Or are only some of them arbiters and there are others who do other things?

Perhaps it the latter because there was a scene where Decim was buying groceries LOL!
Also, am I the only one who finds it weird that Nona looks like a freaking child!?! She is shown drinking and has drunk multiple times, and she never once acted like a child in this anime. The good thing, is that Nona is so interesting and mature that you totally forget that she looks 14 freaking years old.

Leave Decim-Kun ALONE MEANIE!!😡

Ginti, is another arbiter on the 20th floor. He is a HUGE cunt. He’s the type that thinks that humans are beneath him. He loves seeing them in fear as they play his sadistic games. Also, he got into a fight with Decim because of Chiyuki but got his ass handed to him by Nona LMFAO!

His world gets flipped when he, just like Decim, meets a woman named Mayu. Who stays with him to have hilarious moments! (damn all these women changing these men LOL). But you’ll realize how he truly is at the end.

Clavis is an elevator attendant. Uh, yeah. That’s pretty much it, but I can’t help but love him! This dude is always smiling. He’s one of those anime characters that never opens his damn eyes but can somehow still see LOL! He didn’t really contribute much, if anything, but I still enjoyed seeing him even though he got little screen time.

Quin, used to run the bar Decim’s in. Now she’s a member of the information bureau and sorts out all the memories of the deceased. Although I appreciate the many times she gets drunk. That’s pretty much all she does for the plot.

Castra, is a woman who oversees all death across the world and decides which souls go to which arbiter. That’s all she does for the plot. The only thing that was interesting about her was the fact she wore an animal skull on her head, and the room she was in. Her room was dripping wine or blood or some shit and had a mountain of wine glasses stacked on top of each other that caught the drips. I don’t even know what that’s about or why and is never explained.

Dear god…

Lastly, Oculus is the most mysterious character. I have no idea who or what he is. He is important but wtf is he!?! I think he’s a god. I THINK. All he does is LITERALLY play pool with the planets LMAO! Oculus honestly scares the fuck outta me because of his creepy ass eyes. I honestly wanted to exit out of the episode!

Also, his beard defies all logic and reason since he uses it as an attack weapon LOL! It seems like most of these people have a unique way of fighting. Ginti uses water, Decim uses strings, and Nona will just beat the shit out of you.

Oohh I see you Chiyuki!😉

Now, it’s time to talk about our main stars, Decim and Chiyuki. Decim is the most interesting one in this anime. Unlike Ginti, Decim actually respects humans. In fact, we learn that Decim creates life-like dolls of the humans he feels lived a long  fulfilling life. As a hobby of course. It’s as creepy as it sounds but, you do you Decim. You do you…

We go through each episode with Decim and Chiyuki. Chiyuki works alongside Decim because since she doesn’t have a partner, she can’t be judged. I’m not totally sure what Decim is. The only thing we got as a backstory for him was that he woke up in Nona’s domain. Where she simply tells him that he’s an arbiter and his duties as an arbiter. He also doesn’t show any emotion.

Arbiters aren’t allowed to use their feelings to judge other people. Oculus says that arbiters are supposed to be dummies and their only job is to judge and sentence people to either heaven or hell. They’re not supposed to get close to humans because it will make them more human.

And it’s true. Since Chiyuki is human, it affected Decim greatly. Her idea’s and morals are different from Decim. So they clash often when judging people. Decim’s way of thinking isn’t wrong at all. He sabotages the games to “bring out their inner darkness” or so he thinks.

But Chiyuki thinks that he’s not  bringing out their inner darkness, but he’s creating it. Since as the games go on, the players start to get their memories back.

This affects their feelings and thoughts. They’re then drived by motivation to survive rather than thinking it’s just a friendly game. And Decim is unknowingly, being the world’s biggest instigator by sabotaging the games that decide whether these people go to heaven or hell (also called Reincarnation or the Void.)But the thing is, Decim is a very kind guy. The guy’s just, in simplest terms, doing his job.

He is shown hugging and comforting his guest outta pity. Chiyuki is the one who makes Decim question himself. He actually went to the tough and scary Nona to say that he thought that the way they were doing things, were wrong. Decim and Chiyuki are a pair that I can’t really explain. You just have to watch the anime.

I’m so glad that the anime didn’t just suddenly make them a couple. Just because a male and a female are in the same story, it doesn’t mean they always have to get together. (Alot of shows, games, movies, and stories dont know that for some reason.) Besides, they couldn’t be together anyways. Humans can’t be in their world too long, or eventually, they’ll turn into dummies.Now, let’s talk about the animation and sound. The animation in this anime is beautiful! The character designs are so unique.

In fact, i’m actually a little bit jealous of this anime. I wish that I could come up with some of the creative stuff that’s in this anime. The opening to this anime is one of my most favorite songs ever.Also, HOLY SHIT is it misleading!

And there’s one scene in the anime with Chiyuki and Decim, and Chiyuki is ice skating (won’t spoil what  happens) and the music goes perfectly with it. That scene is a perfect example of show don’t tell. Love it, love it, love it!!!

Lastly, let’s talk about Death Parade as a whole. I swear they better make a second season, or imma be really disappointed. It seems as if it doesn’t need a second season, but I think it does because it left me with unanswered questions. Such as Oculus, what they are, and other things.

I dare not give away the ending to this anime. This anime had the most perfect endings i’ve ever seen. I have never seen an ending that made me laugh and cry at the same time.

Speaking of laughing, this anime has little comedy. I didn’t expect an anime like this to even have comedy. But it mostly comes from things you wouldn’t expect to happen.

Such as Ginti getting his ass handed to him by Nona while Decim covers his eye, and he screams like a little bitch! XD Or Decim buying groceries and making food with Chiyuki and having a mouthful of food. (Doesn’t sound funny but they’re doing things you wouldn’t expect they’d do) or Decim being all nonchalant while Chiyuki is creeped out by all the dolls LMAO!! Or Mayu fangirling so hard she shakes Ginti back and forth like ragdoll!! LMFAO

Mayu is too relatable! XD

By the way, there’s a nice little side plot with Ginti and Mayu. Mayu is a fan of this really famous star, both die and end up being paired (thanks Castra). Ginti’s being his usual cunt self and makes the game seem like a life or death situation. I won’t give away what happens, but the whole things ends with Mayu peeing herself LOL.

By the way, i’m sure people die this way all the time, but the way Mayu died was really embarrassing. She basically unknowingly frustrates Ginti, due to her sheer idiocy LOL! They do stay together for awhile with the famous star and have hilarious moments together. This whole experience might have changed something in Ginti, which I really appreciate.

All in all, this anime is a drown me in feels kind of anime. It’s NOT a comedy. But I still recommend you watch this anime. If you somehow end up not crying, well then good job for you. You stone cold motherfucker XD AND THERE BETTER BE A SEASON 2 OR IMMA FLIP!!!! (i heard there might be one..)


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