Gankutsuou Review

Gankutsuou Review

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Supernatural, Thriller

Gankutsuou (literally The King of the Cavern) is an anime based off of the french novel, The Comte de Monte Cristo. Lemme just say that this is probably one of my favorite anime of all time. It rivals Death Parade to be my number one spot. It mostly has to do with the characters and animation. Before I talk about those things, Let’s talk about the plot.

The story takes place in the future during the year 5053. But it still looks like a 51st-century world. Our main character Viscount Albert de Morcerf and his side character best friend Baron Franz d’Épinay are at a festival. Where they make the acquaintance of The Count of Monte Cristo. Then as the anime progresses, we go through a tale that has, love, heartbreak, murder, friendship, betrayal, revenge, incest, and many, many, MANY secrets. There is so much going on in this anime you’d need a flowchart to keep track.

But the thing is, everything has something to do with the plot. Not one thing didn’t matter! Holy shit how did they manage to do that?? But, before I talk about anything else let’s talk about the most noticeable thing, the animation.


Ok, HOLY SHIT what am i looking at!! This is obviously like nothing i’ve ever seen before. Should I be give a seizure warning? Everything in this anime is wallpaper! The hair is wallpaper, the clothes are wallpaper, the skin is wallpaper, the background is WALLPAPER!! EVERYTHING IS WALLPAPER!!

Someone at the studio was obviously  having a ball playing with the photoshop. Now, i’m not complaining at all. It’s quite beautiful. But damn. This choice of animation was so bright and colorful it almost made me scared. But now, let’s talk about my favorite thing in this anime, the characters. I’m going to talk only about Albert and The Count because Jesus Christ there are too freakin’ many. It’s over 21 characters you need to remember. LOL!

The story (or stories) mostly focus on Albert and The Count. Albert, is a naive, rich 15 (holy shit really?) year old, who  lives with his mother and his father. He also has a fiancee who he hates, but you’ll see what happens in the end. Except for the fact Albert is sometimes a rich whiny little bitch and idiot, he’s kinda like the audience in a way. In the way,  that he’s intrigued, and mystified by The Count. I’m not sure what The Count really is? In the story I think he’s supposed to be a vampire, but I only ever seen him ATTEMPT to drink blood. And that was one time. Another thing that makes me believe this, is his voice.

Where have I heard it before? *gasp* OH MY GOD! It’s the same voice actor who did that badass vampire ALUCARD FROM HELLSING!! Oh my god!!! XD I knew I recognized it! LMAO!

Ok anyways, Aluca- err, I mean Albert and and The Count have the strangest relationship ever. I couldn’t  tell where it was going to go. They are seen being really good “friends”.

But there are um, moments that uhh, seemed more than friendly if you know what I mean. It might just be my inner yaoi fangirl talking, but I couldn’t help but notice. I’m SORRY guys i’m sorry I couldn’t help it!XD

“I drink like I know I’m the shit.”

The Count, man I love him. This devious bastard has all his ducks in a row. He’s playing both sides of the chess board. He has everything figured out from day one. Not a single beat skipped with this dude. Even though Albert is supposed to be the one with the most spotlight shined on him, The Count is the real star here. I won’t give away what he does or what happens at the end, but let’s just say, i was upset. I wished it could’ve been a different way.

This is a shorter review, but…ugh I can’t say anything without giving something away! There is so much plot. And so many characters. I know that I’ve complained about there being too many characters and too much shit going on in previous reviews, but that’s because in those rants, the characters and side stories didn’t do jack shit for the anime or plot. In this anime, EVERYONE and EVERYTHING matters. If you easily forget most things told to you in this anime, you’re screwed. LMAO!! Luckily, I managed to hold on because I was so intrigued. So, please give this anime a watch, it’s well worth the time.

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