Manpuku Marche! (大繁盛! まんぷくマ慜成ルシー料理& 経営の放置ゲーム) Game Review/Guide

This is the first game I’m doing! So I’m excited to bring you Manpuku Marche! This is a Google Play Store android app made by ASOBOX. This game has no English release yet and I don’t know Japanese so please bear with my struggle. This will be more of a guide than a review. For the people who have/want this game, this will be a guide on all the recipes and basics.

If you want this game, don’t type in the English name, copy and paste the Japanese name into the Play Store. Btw, I used a Google translate app to help me with this game. I’m making this guide so you don’t have to struggle at the hands of Google Translate too.

Story: (THANK YOU ISSI FOR THE HELP!!! -3-) Her/His words, “The basic story is that you (default name Ranchi/Lunch) are a royal food adviser for the prince. You get sent to the “World Tree” to act as food adviser for Marche to clear a debt of 5 million incurred by the prince. If this debt is not paid off, Gorman Pte./Co./Ltd/Industries/Company/whatever will confiscate the World Tree land as compensation. (Also, she’s DESPERATE to try the World Tree’s Fruit, which Safuran/Saffron, the prince’s secretary, and longtime best friend, told her about.)
Anyway, the weird flying thing, Jyuri(?) is kind of… a spirit fairy of the World Tree which chucks down fruits that grow on the tree. I’d explain the ending too, but… It might be a spoiler haha. For the chefs’ arrivals, it’s basically just some already there chef is their friend one way or the other and asked them to come help out.”

Btw I’m sorry for the dumb ads at the top. -.-

Bread:(Google Translate) Name: Eucalyptus. Story: “Yuukari’s story is a comedy on how she’s narcoleptic and you have to help her… also, he loves eating excessively.”

Desert/Sweets: (Google Translate) Name: Fennel. Story: “Fennel’s story is he’s actually a spy from Gorman to steal your recipes, and how he’s hesitating because he’s gradually falling in love with being a chef(… and Ranchi ///)”

Meat: (Google Translate) Name: Majoram: “Majoram’s story is that she has a curse where she turns into a dragon when she’s angry so you have to help her cover up”

Seafood:(Google Translate) Name: Garni: “Bouquet Garni’s story is that he’s trying to become a Maou to rescue his fishing hometown which is being eroded by industrialization.”

Name: Mitsuba: “Mitsuba’s story is she’s a rich girl who ran away from home to have a fated meeting with her true love (and also how she has an alternate deranged personality)”

Name: Rindou. Story: “It had something to do with him trying to fulfill his duty as the third son of his prestigious family or something like that.”

I believe the ingredient you have the less of will be the ingredient you obtain the most of. But you will obtain others aswell. The creatures will carry ingredients on top of their heads. To get through the wave of monsters you need “energy”. Which I’d represented by a flexing muscle at the top left hand corner. Some chefs use more strength than others so beware.

Don’t worry though. Your strength refills with time. Also, making your character eat when they’re hungry also replenishes strength. You also gain more as you lvl up. Pick a dish you want to bring to the creatures.
The more stars a dish has, the more ingredients you can get. When you get through the waves of friendly creatures, they will leave behind a treasure box.

Inside will be CP. CP is used to give hint to recipies It’s used to unlock your recipies. The chef you chose to go with you will gain that CP.
Going on the ingredient hunt will also unlock “chatting” with the other chefs but once again I don’t know Japanese so whatever. I still recommend talking to them since I’m not sure if that helps with getting recipes. So, that is pretty much the basics. You will figure out the other stuff. Trust me, it’s not that hard. Now time to get on with the recipes.

Recipies in this game are “combine this with that to get this” basically. You use the ingredients you obtained from the hunt. So far, I have:

Bean Spouts


Pea Pods







Pig’s feet







Red pepper



Potatoe Starche







Pickled Plum


You have to combines these ingredients with the base foods you earn instead of gather. The good this is, the base food never runs out so you never have to get any! (Yay)

It’s quite simple. But I’m going to post the recipes  I have so far. If you have this game, feel free to contact me to add any recipies or ingredients. Basically anything to help out! I will keep adding as I play. (Sorry if they’re not in order)




Ok, literally after posting this, I got the next character, Tei. =.=  Rice:


Lastly, I have to credit this site that I also just found for helping me:ネオ料理図鑑
Please bring awareness to this game! Xp This is a very creative game that needs an English version! And once again, thanks Issi!

Thanks and please leave a like! 😙


11 thoughts on “Manpuku Marche! (大繁盛! まんぷくマ慜成ルシー料理& 経営の放置ゲーム) Game Review/Guide

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  1. Hi!
    It is amazing how you have done quite a lot of work putting together this guide! How would you feel about helping to update the Manpuku Marche Wikia? 🙂 There is a lot of work to be done and it is quite thankless work with only me and two other contributors.


    1. I would actually love to help with the wikia! Thing is, I don’t actually know Japanese and my summary came from someone who did know Japanese (Idk if they’re still around). I’ll try my best regardless and you and anyone else are free to use anything you see here to help update the wikia. 😉😁


        1. Actually, you guys did a really good job! There’s more stuff on the wikia than here.😶 Seems like you guys have most of the recipes too! But as I said before, you guys can use whatever you see here to help with the wikia. X3


      Suresure! ♥ (If you want more details on it please feel free to ask omg… My save file is currently lost in oblivion but I can tell you based on what I remember/if you send me screenshots by email wahaha)


    2. You’re welcome :’) I’m just so happy, god. Also I forgot to mention >< But for ingredients it's not really based on which one you click the most (not sure how that would work tbh, you have to collect everything you get at the end), it's based on how many you have left (from observation). if you have like 5 pumpkins but 30 bean sprouts/everything else it'll automatically just give you more pumpkins to even the numbers out


  2. Hi there!
    I’ve stumbled upon your blog when I was trying to look for an English Guide for まんぷくマルシェ 2. (Still looking though.)
    Can you recommend a game similar to this?
    I’ve played Happy Sandwich Cafe and まんぷくマルシェ 2 is similar.
    Might as well try まんぷくマルシェ 1 too. 🙂
    I hope they will release an English version too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello there! Sure I’ll recommend some games! These are some cooking style games I’ve played:

      * 洋菓子店ローズ〜ほの( まの再建記 (Pastry shop Rose-ho of (or of reconstruction Symbol ~)

      * 育成ゲームクックと魔法のレシピ( 無料) 酬 ( Training game Cook and magic of recipes (free) based compensation)

      *Adventure Bar Story (Has RPG elements XD)

      * The “My Cafe Sory” series is fun. Especially the 3rd and 2nd

      * Magic Table (Very fun cute magical game)

      Hope these are good! Some of them are not translated. Also, this gave me an idea to list my favorite anime apps!!! Btw I had no idea Manpuku Marche had a second game lmao!!! If I find anymore, I’ll make sure to tell you! Thanks!


    2. Omfg! I forgot Hunt and Cook Catch and Serve! That game is really good! Hopefully you’re not sensitive to catching and killing animals to make very tasty looking food. But it’s very fun!!!


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