Big Order’s First Impressions

Firstly, I’m judging this anime on its first episode. One may say: *gasp* ” Redbean, you can’t judge an anime by it’s first episode!” Ohoho are you gravely mistaken my friend! Of course you can!

Besides, it wasn’t hard for me to do so considering how this anime presented itself. Let’s just say, this anime was clearly ripping off Mirai Nikki. It’s not even subtle. I’ll weave in the ripoffs with what I’m about to say.

Hmmm… He looks familiar…

Let’s dive right in! So, our story starts with our generic main male protagonist number 1209, Yukk- err I mean Eiji. Apparently, as child, he made a wish to a fairy named Daisy, and this wish is what caused the destruction of Japan and thousands of people died. “Well, what did he wish for?” You may ask.


This anime likes keeps Yuk- err Eiji’s wish in the dark. They don’t tell what it is because it makes him seem more cool and an edgy. He is now an Order. A magical human being with powers basically. Also, his parents are dead and his sister is being hospitalized. Tragic backstory? Check.

Hmmm… her look is so familiar… it’s almost uncanny.

Eventually he meets a girl named Yuno Gas- err, I mean Rin. Rin is an assassin who was sent to kill Eiji for killing her parents in the destruction when she was a little girl. Another tragic backstory? Check. She, just like Eiji is an Order. She has regenerative powers.

Ok yeah..

Ok, let me just rant about this character a little bit. Rin, is absolute ASS! Rin is the worst assassin I’ve ever seen in my life! She tricks Eiji into think she’s another student at school. When he goes home, she tricks him into letting her into his house.

Ok firstly, that plan is stupid. You’re an assassin! Why are you showing your face to your target? In fact, she showed her face to an entire classroom of students. Assassin’s are supposed to be sneaky, silent, quick, and oh yeah, THEY’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO SHOW THEIR FACES!!! Why don’t you just kill him when he’s alone?

When she does trick him into letting him in, instead of killing the target she was assigned to kill, she fucking monologues!!!! YOU’RE AN ASSASSIN!!! SHUT UP AND KILL HIM!!! She says stuff like “Oh you killed my family” and “Oh imma kill you.” Just kill him! Why are you explaining yourself!?

Later, Eiji find out that he has the power to control anything within his domain. Overpowered main character? Check. Then in the dumbest scene I’ve ever seen in my life. He takes control over Rin orders her to never try and kill him or his sister again, then says he will marry her…..What. The. Fuck? So a girl who is insane, wants to kill you, but loves you? So yandere and love intrest? Check.

I know that this is only supposed to be focused on the first episode, and won’t spoil anything but Rin’s stupidity gets worse as the show goes on.

In conclusion, this show is not lookin’ good at all. These are our main protagonists and they’re gonna be like this? One’s an idiotic overpowered generic badass and the other’s a idiot yandere. *inhales* Not lookin’ good Big Order. Not lookin’ good. Should I keep watching? Or should I avoid this like the plague? If I watch the whole thing, I might do an entire review.


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