Seduce Me the Otome Review!!

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Fuckin’ YES, YES YES! I’m so excited to talk about this game. Seduce Me the Otome, made by my girl Michaela Laws, Yandere Dev’s wife. This is the first game I’ve ever played that was made by her. She’s made other stuff that I have yet to play. Girl is quite funny.

OK, this game is pure fan service, pandaring, and fangirl/boy fodder. It meets all of your needs.
Hot guys?


Hot guys that are some sort of supernatural beings? OH YEAH!

Hot guys that are nice to you and serve you? HELL YESSSS!!

Hot guys that live with you? Take me now.

Yup, yup, yup. It hits every beat of fantasy satisfaction. Wrap this game up,  put it outside, and as the intoxicating smell of the fangirl/boy fodder hits the wind, watch as they come running from the horizon and swarm it like gnats to a light pole.

So, the story. In most games I usually skip the dialogue, but not in this one. I was honestly invested to what was going on. It takes a while for you to get to the boys, but since I was intrigued, I didn’t mind.

It starts with your female character and her best friends in high school. And of course, it wouldn’t be an otome high school game without a generic unredeemable female bully and her click. So… Her and her friends get bullied by a generic unredeemable female bully and her click.

What I love about this game, are the options you get. Thank you Jesus the female protagonist isn’t another dumb and defenseless character you’ve seen in a million other otome games.

I swear the female protagonist must’ve been a sassy black woman in another life because girl sure can and will fight! Bullies? Square up. Fucking demons? She’ll smack the shit outta them!! She’s pretty good. Her looks are the pretty standard long black hair with green eyes default “main girl” look. But I kinda understand since we’re supposed to place ourselves in her shoes.

She isn’t sure about what she wants to do in life, but her <insert uptight asshole father here cliché> wants her to run <insert deceased grandfather with a mysterious background cliché> toy company.   Now prior to the joke I just made about her father being an asshole, he only wants the best for her. He grew on me. I’m sure I’ve seen this story somewhere else in something else.

Her father wants her to live in her grandfather’s old house where <insert harem girl ends up living with all the harem boys here cliché>  and FINALLY, we get to the good stuff! The boys, James, Erik, Sam, Matthew, and Damien. My BAES!

To be honest they’re OK personality wise.  If you’ve played any otome game or seen any harem game, you’ve seen these personalities before.

James, the polite and sophisticated older brother type. (Think of Diabolik Lovers Reiji but not a sadistic fucking asshole)

Erik, the perverted type but is actually very nice. (Think of Diabolik Lovers Laito but not a sadistic fucking asshole)

Sam, the bad boy type. (Think of Diabolik Lovers Ayato but not a sadistic fucking asshole)

Matthew, the soft, friendly type. Regarded as small and weak type. (Think of Diabolik Lovers Kanato but not a sadistic fucking asshole)

Damien, shy cinnamon roll husbando type. Little personality but I like him anyways. (Think of Diabolik Lovers Shuu but not a sadistic fucking asshole)


Now, as cliche as these personality types are, its OK to have characters with these personalities. As long as they’re done right. In my opinon, I thought they where pretty good.

But anyways, these boys…are incubi! (Oh hell yes). Demons of sex!!! I also find it amusing that you live with a house full of incubi but STILL can’t get laid lol!! (Later on though (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)). I won’t spoil anything, but thing will get interesting and shit will hit the fan.

Let’s talk about the gameplay. The game doesn’t explain this, but you have to choose the right dialogue to get these heart things that will appear at the bottom corner of the screen. Different colors represent the different boys.

Now, here’s what sucks. You CANNOT miss ANY hearts. You have to get every single heart for the boy you want to get the true ending for. If you don’t get all the hearts for the guy you want, welp no ass for you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Seriously though, wtf mate???

Another thing that sucks, is when you do get all the hearts for the guy you want and finally get near their ending, the dialogue is basically the same for all the guys! Now that I think about it, besides the part where the game tells the different back stories for the brothers, it’s almost the exact same plot, and dialogue for all of them. So if you’ve seen one you’ve kinda seen them all. The true endings are different but a lot of its the same. If you play it you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Now let’s talk about the good, then I’ll tell you about what I did while playing it. The voice acting. Now, I will admit I did cringe a little at first. That opening where Erik talks to you I wasn’t expecting. I honestly thought it was going to be Japanese voice acting. So hearing those first few lines actually scared me! I’ve never seen any other of Michaela’s works besides this so I never knew! But the more I heard it the more I fell in love. The voice acting isn’t bad at all. It’s pretty hot and does what it’s supposed to. Get those panties moist. So, I really like it. I really liked it. I just wasn’t ready for Erik at first lmao!!

Also, this game has some kick ass lady characters. All awesome in personality. They weren’t as dumb as Yui from Diabolik Lovers or Ritsuka from Dance with the Devils. (Seriously Reject PLEASE stop making dumb female protagonist and maybe I’ll stop clowning you.) They also have good voice acting too. I really like how you can get with the female characters as well!!! There are three other major female characters, Diana, Suzu, and Naomi. You can have routes with all three. Also you can have a route with another male side character! (Holy shit!)

Now the most noticeable thing, the art style… It’s uhhh… Unique(?)


Well, its better than anything I could ever draw, and if the person that drew it put all their effort into it, that deserves an A in my book. Some of it is actually really good. Besides, the art style got even better in Seduce Me 2, which shows how much they really cared for what they were doing, which to me deserves an A+ in my book. (Can you tell I’m a little biased? xD)

Lastly, this is how I played Seduce Me, and it was a wonderful experience.

< see this on Steam

< inner fangirl needs her dose of hot guys to stay alive and well

<fake age to get past censorship (DON’T LOCK MEH OUT DAMMIT!!)

< download takes forever

< cringe at voice acting

<quickly get over it

< enjoy the female protagonist

< praise da lord she’s not dumb

< yada yada yada past the exposition

< pantsu drop at the sight of the opposite gender

< secretly make one your bootycall (Erik)

< enjoy the…”unique” art style

< wonder why I can’t get laid yet…


< laugh because these characters are funny as hell

< go through the route even though you should probably be doing your homework

<end of the route, get no ass because you went in blind like an idiot

< flip my shit

< don’t wanna look up the routes cause’ that’d be cheating

< look up the routes

< go through everyone’s route and feel like a cheating whore

< somehow mess up Matthew’s route

< get mad and don’t do it

< try to get all achievements

< messed up Matthew’s route and are too lazy to go through it again so you miss an achievement

< cry because it was a good game and you love all the characters

<realize i’m a weeaboo loser playing an otome game in my zebra footie pajamas

< play Undertale later

< computer breaks a few months after…

< can’t afford Seduce me 2

< write a shitty review

So yeah. That’s my experience with Seduce Me. Jokes aside, Seduce Me was a good game. The whole time the characters where on screen, I kept saying “aww they’re so cute,” and couldn’t stop smiling! I was actually invested in the story, which never happens to me. So any game that can keep my attention is quite amazing. To be honest, I think this game is purely for fangirl satisfaction. Story isnt really anything unique beside them being incubi (but ive seen many supernatural otome animes anyways) but I was still invested, characters were really funny, made me cry, and VA’s have hot voices. So I was satisfied! SO FOR ALL THE THIRSTY FANGIRLS OUT THERE COME AND GET YOUR HIGH QUALITY WEEKLY SMUT!!!

Thanks and please leave a like!😙


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