Mystic Messenger!

Oh yeah, let the fangirling begin, begin, BEGIN!!!  \(>o<)/~ MysticMessenger by Cheritz!!!! Fangirls, come one come all!!


Let me start off by saying that this game is one of the most unique otome games I’ve ever seen. An otome game where the characters unknowingly break the 4th wall? It’s like a messenger app! You can actually call and text the harem members! Oml I’m so happy!

OK, who’s in our harem circle this time?

Zen? Mhm very nice. The pantie dropper. His route is full of cheese. I love him.
707? Yes, very very nice. Kinda reminds me of myself considering he’s a troll and meme lord. My favorite out of the bunch.
Jumin? Oh yeah, I can tell he’s low-key into some kinky shit. A rich and hardworking businessman. Oml his route is so scary! >///< I love it.
Jaeheed! The nicest and most hardworking, waifu. A Zen fangirl.
Yuusoong! Dear lord, you’ll be surprised when you get to his route. @-@

So anyways, I played through Zen’s route. I wanted to finish at least one route before putting out a review since I really wanted to  talk about this game. Of course like any game, this one has a few problems.

1. Bugs.

So many bugs…

2. Updates.
This game updates at least once or twice a day!! Holy crap! Thank you for constantly fixing the gaming and trying to make it better, but sometimes the updates create more problems.

3. Constantly having to save.
Yeah, if you do one little thing you have to save it. Now that’s not so much the problem. It’s that you have so many options and things to do, so you need to constantly save over and over and over. It got a little tedious.

4. Some misspellings.
It’s not too bad, though. You’ll probably be fangirling so hard you might not even notice.

It’s kinda hard to get hourglasses in this game. If you miss a chatbox then you can use hourglasses but the rooms cost 5-hour glasses. I’m broke as dirt and can’t afford any. Its quite hard to obtain them. In my opinion, I think the missed chat boxes should cost less.

I got mine through a bug. What happened was, there was an update fixing a bug and to apologize the creator gave out ten hourglasses. The update was a bug lmao!!! So I opened the game, received ten hourglasses, saved the game, closed it, opened it again and got ten more!!! Over and over again! I’m up to 400-hour glasses haha!! But the bug got fixed so no more for me… T.T

6. The times of the chatboxes.
This game runs on real time. The chat boxes appear hourly. Usually, after an hour (or two or three) passes, a new one will open. This is a problem since I can’t be on my phone all the time. You never know when one will appear. Yes, you have a notification that will tell you, but it’s buggy and doesn’t always tell you when one is open. So you either have to trust that the notification will appear or constantly check every hour. Ain’t nobody got time for that….

Also, what if someone’s at school or busy and can’t check their phone?? Then they’re screwed!!! They’ll have to use hourglasses for the missed rooms! Now, you don’t need to get all of the chatboxes, but the chat boxes provide information on guest (which are important), hearts (which for the first few days are important and can get you hourglasses), and pictures (which are important for me, to quench my thirst)!!!

7. The characters repeating stuff we already heard.

The best example (spoilers) I can give is where you want to be with Zen, but Jaeheed is constantly saying its a bad idea and is worried about Zen’s reputation and all this yadda!!! I wanted to be nice and chose only the kind responses, but in reality, I was like, “OMFG SHUT UP ALREADY ZEN AND I CAN HANDLE OURSELVES PLEASE STOP WORRYING!!!” Over and over again she presses on. Even though Zen and I both said we can take care of ourselves.

Also, Jumin trying so hard to get Zen to be a model for his cat brand even though he’s allergic. Over and over Zen and I tried to tell him, no, but he kept persisting. I feel so bad for Jaeheed since she’s his assistant. I would’ve lost my mind to this man. What I really wanted was for the story to just move along especially since it’s a good story.
Well, those are a few of the problems. I recommend you play this at your own risk…

Other than that, I really liked this game. Might I say, holy fuck does this game get intense as hell story wise!! Family matters are brought up, false sexual assault, kidnapping, suicide, mental illness, depression, possession, and many secrets. Wow. This game isn’t messing around, is it?…

So, I’ll explain what you have to do. You need to spend the first few days collecting as many hearts from the person you want. You do this by picking the sentence you believe they’d like the most. Like in most otome games lol! I wish I had known this when I first started playing. After that, you’ll be on the route of the person you obtained the most hearts from. Honestly, just be smart! Pick the answer you think leads to a bad route or a good route. If you pay attention, it will be obvious.

The route takes 11 days. There are 5 characters, That means if you wanna complete everyone’s route, it will take 55 days.(Plus bad routes) Yay!!!  Also, To get on Jumin’s and 707’s route, you need to be on the deep story. Which cost 80 hourglasses! Jaeheed, Yuusoong, and Zen are the casual story.

The story is, that your character, gets a message from someone named “Unknown.” They end up at a classified house. You’ll meet all the characters over chat. They explain that they’re a part of the RFA (Rika’s Foundation Association), a charity organization. Since Rika has passed away, they want you to fill in her shoes to invite the guest to the party! And so, the story takes off from there!

So, I can’t really talk about anything else without spoiling, so I will end it here. As I said before, play this at your own risk. I honestly think its a good otome game. I love all of these characters. This game had me close to tears and laughing constantly. So many pictures!!!^^ Also, I’m finished with Zen and now on to 707! I….feel….so….guilty…..

Edit: DO NOT FAIL THE ROUTES!!! I was playing 707’s route when I got the bad end. But the game bugged and let me keep playing! I didn’t know it was a bug at the time, though. I thought it was apart of the game. So as the game continued, I got another bad ending (damn :/) but it didn’t let me continue.

I email Cheritz and they told me it worked properly. But that’s not the problem. I spent so many hourglasses on his route. Shouldn’t I at least get to finish his damn story?!?! I was so fucking close! 45% done with day 10 what the hell!!!

So apparently if you mess up, you’re done. It doesn’t matter how much time or hourglasses you put into a character’s route. Once you get the bad end, it’s over. I’m pissed…

Edit: I have a solution!! Make a file for a bad route and one for a good route. But be careful! I made two good routes just in case I accidentally saved the bad one over the good one. So three files. What’s weird is, sometimes if you load a good route then save it, it will have the name of the bad route! Delete it, use the other good route and save it into another slot. Just exit and re-enter the game and it should be fine.

Edit: So apparently in the future, it has been confirmed that you will be able to play a male MC, and have routes with V and Unknown!!!  I also heard something about camera zoom(?) OMFG IM SO HYPED!!! I love Unknown and I wanna be with him and V. I can add them to my husbando list!!(≧∇≦)/ Just letting y’all know!

Edit: Finished 707 and Jumin and now on to Yuusoong! Also, IDK if anyone else has this problem with the game crashing while answering emails but it does for me.
Lastly, I’ll update every time something new happens.

Edit: I finished the freaking game!!

Wat do I do now…. @.@

Thanks and please leave a like! 😙


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