Redbeanpanda’s Hot Anime Guy List!!!

 Oh here we go!! Hehehe my favorite hot anime guys!!! Warning: extreme fangirling. I can’t help it!! It’s what we do!! Also, this is not a top ten list. There’s absolutely no way I’m going to be able to decide between these guys.

All the male characters from Diabolik Lovers:

On another blog I explained that I absolutely hate these guys. But they’re hot. That’s the only reason I like them. Shallow? Yup. Shameless? Nope XD. (As shown from left to right: Ayato, Ruki, Kanato, Kou, Laito, Yuma, Shuu, Azusa, Reiji, Carla, Subaru, and Shin)

The incubi brothers from Seduce Me:

How the Diabolik wifebeaters should have been! I did a review on these guys. They’re absolutely wonderful cinnamon husbandos. (As shown from left to right: Erik, James, Sam, Matthew, and Damien)

Hades from the manga Olimpos:

For fucks sake!!…. O.o

God of the Underworld and darkness. He’s a god, so he cannot lie. He speaks in riddles. Just…JUST LOOK AT HIM!!!! O(≧▽≦)O

Kurisuri from Mononoke (TV):

A super hot exorcist from the Edo Japan. He hunts demons(Aka Mononoke). Mysterious, and quite the slick little asshole. Absolutely love him! Also, his voice makes me shiver! He also has another form which is just as hot! >///<

The Count of Monte Cristo from Gankusuou:

I also did a review of this anime. The Count is the most interesting character in the anime. If not for him, this anime would’ve been boring as hell! I knew he was bad, I knew he was going to do bad things, but I didn’t want to believe he was! He was so interesting and tortured you just had to feel bad for him! I just love him so freaking’ MUCH!!!

Sebastian and The Undertaker from Black Butler:

Why the hell would they not be on this list?!?! Probably considered the hottest men in anime. If you’re talking about hot anime guys you, of course, have to talk about them! And judging by these photos it’s no wonder they’re considered to be the hottest!! (≧∇≦)/

Ginko from Mushishi:

OK, looks could play a factor in this (I’m down for any man with a bang), but I’m more focused on the voice, and personality. He goes around Japan trying to help people with their problems facing creatures known as mushi.

Lord Beerus and Android 17 (Dragon Ball Z series):

Ah, I remember the first time saw Android 17. I instantly fell in love. Bad guys with dark hair are just my thing!! And yes,… Lord Beerus. I like him too… I SWEAR IM NOT A FURRY!!! But how could I not love him?!?! He’s so arrogant and powerful! He loves food!! Not to mention his Japanese voice…omg his Japanese voice! 😍

Ferid Bathory from Seraph of the End:

Another instant crush. His voice is amazing. Especially for his asshole personality. My feelings towards him are kinda the same as the Diabolik Lovers characters. It’s an I hate you, I love you relationship since he’s such an ass.

Rin from Jigoku Shoujo series:


Rin is so freaking hot. What’s better than an anime character who’s hot? One with an incredibly friendly personality (and the fact he’s a supernatural being doesn’t hurt either)! Even though he’s not doing work you’d proudly tell other people, (would you tell people you’re helping a creepy Ju on the Grudge-looking girl bring souls to hell?) He is actually really kind, especially towards children. I would say what he’s done but this is a no spoiler zone!!! XD

L from Death Note:

I never watched this anime lol sorry. But I’ve seen clips of it with L and he is in his own little queer way, hot. A genius, and a great voice too! All the fangirls love L!!

Levi from Attack on Titan:

You freakin’ knew he was going on this list. Just like Sebastian,  you, of course, have to put him on your hot anime guy list! Badass titan slayer, and awesome voice (seriously tho), and those eyes. Levi, you can be my captain any day. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Niles, Keaton, and Laslow from Fire Emblem Fates:

Omg I love these guys!! Niles is such a fucking pervert! He can make anything sound dirty! XD This man can roast you so hard you’ll combust I just love this little asshole! Plus he’s bisexual so… Mhmm (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Keaton is probably my personal favorite. He’s a wolfskin. You could say he’s, hungry like the wolf (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (I’m sorry XD). He’s my perfect hunting, garbage collecting, wolf husbando. If no one wants to look at his treasures of bugs, broken glass, and bones, I will!!

Laslow….HOW COME NO GIRL IN THE GAME WANTS YOU!!! IN REAL LIFE YOU WOULD HAVE PUSSY MAGNETIZING TO YOUR CROTCH!!! Wtf is wrong with the girls in the game? How come it says he scares off women? All he does is dance, drink tea (like most Brits), and flirt with women. Don’t worry Laslow I’ll be with you!!

ZEN and 707 from Mystic Messenger:

I’m playing this game right now, and I absolutely love it! (Besides all the freaking bugs ugh) But anyways, Zen was the first one in the harem group I chose. I love him. I love his narcissistic personality, and kindness. He calls you babe!!! He says he can’t control himself around you! Oh my lord I’m deceased!! XD

707 is the internet troll/memelord of the group and is also a hacker. But in real life, he’s way different. You have to try to open up his cold, and lonely heart! I’m doing his route right now and he’s an amazing guy once he accepts you!

(OK this one is a little weird)

the guys in Asagao Academy!!!

It’s OK if you don’t know what this game is, I never knew about it for a long freaking time and I wish I did because I’m so late to the fandom! Asagao Academy take place in a high school (where else would an otome game take place?) And you play as a girl named Hana who transfer to this rich school.
The weird part is, the harem members are the guys from the Normal Boots club!! Yes, that’s right.

You have PBG (PeanutButterGamer), JonTron (Jon), DidYouKnowGaming (Shane), The Completionist (Jirad), Satchbag (Satch), Paul, Nick, Josh, and even freaking Jacques! Yes, bestiality omg!!!

The Hidden Block are also in the game too! Unfortunately, they’re not datable (T^T). This is kinda weird since these are real people, but I quickly got over it lol. Also, CreepsMcPasta is also in this and plays as the school nurse! (Omg why can’t he have a route too?!?!?)

Komaeda Nagito (Danganronpa series)

How come I just love insane guys lol? Komaeda is probably the most interesting character in Danganronpa. He’s the Ultimate Lucky Student and has crazy wild beliefs about hope and despair. I guess on could call him the Ultimate Hope Fanboy. He loves hope so much that he’ll cause despair so that hope can be born from it. Oh, the irony. Love you Komaeda. You crazy, adorable, little bastard. My trash husband!

Yeah…there’s no way this list is done lmao!!

Now, this list is just for anime guys. If I did all of my fandom crushes this list would never freaking end! I’ll probably add more in the future, though! I’ll keep updating cause trust me, I keep finding guys I like constantly!

Thanks, and please leave a like! 😙


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      1. lol, I really enjoyed the anime and The Count was an complex character, but he didn’t get those gears rolling inside me. However, Levi from Attack on Titan did 🙂


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