Asagao Academy Normal Boots Club

Never heard of this game? That’s OK I’m late to the fandom too! I heard about this game when one of my favorite YouTubers, DevliciousGaming started playing it on her Let’s Play channel. I was thinking to myself while watching it, “Where have I seen that logo?” The logo on the harem members jackets. Then it hit me. Oh goodness! These are the guys from Normal Boots! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, maybe you’ll recognize these famous YouTubers:

PeanutButterGamer(PBG) Probably the most popular route among the fandom.

JonTron(Jon) and even his bird Jacques. O.o…..oml bestiality.

DidYouKnowGaming(Shane) Why does everyone hate him?? Ya, he’s kinda a dick sometimes but he’s an obvious tsundere doing tsundere things!! XD

The Completionist(Jirard) His route is so sweet. :3 Can I pet your beard??

ProJared(Jared) The hottest mofo in the school. Probably my favorite route personally.

Satchbag(Satch) Dawww!!! He’s so nice!! I wanna wear his glasses(idkw XD)

Continue?(Paul,Nick, and Josh) Why can’t you get with them separately?!?!


Yes. The guys from NormalBoots and some of my favorite YouTubers of all time, are in a visual novel game!!!! What?!?!?!? Not only them, but the guys from the HiddenBlock are in this too!!!! But to my greatest disappointment, they’re undateable (Noooo why!! T-T). They’re supposed rivals to The NormalBoots club. There’s this whole gaming tournament that will happen in and Hanna gets into it and meets all the boys. I heard that some routes are harder than others too! I think Shane’s route is the hardest.

Why does this game exist??? I can’t even explain how awkward it was for me to date these guys at first. I mean, these are people that are real! People that I look up to! People I love watching on Youtube! This game has me attracted to over 30-year-old men, some married, and some gay! (Ya’ll know how I like that yaoi though but there isn’t any in this game!!! T-T)

So, after my computer finally got fixed, I decided to get this game….and oh boy…talk about knowing how to appeal to the fangirl! The guys from the NormalBoots actually did some voice acting in this!!! >////<. Goddamn, this game!!! It’s so weird/nice hearing there voices trying to be hot! Also, I just have to acknowledge the art in this game.  It’s really beautiful.

So what’s the story? Without spoiling too much, basically, you play as this pink haired girl named Hana, who transfers from her old school to Asagao Academy and meets her friend Mai and the members of The NormalBoots Club! You pick who will be your booty call, and shenanigans and trouble happen left and right for Hana! She’s is just trying her hardest to fit in. I found two pictures that I thought best describe this game:



Our MC Hana, in my opinion, is really relatable for me. Both of us are poor and have a single parent, who then worked themselves hard so that they could get us into private school. I really wish that I can find my true love(s) like she does:3. Just like me, she’s very shy with a small voice and easy to make tear up. I love Hana and her best friend Mai. Might I say Hana has the greatest best friend I’ve ever seen. Mai is incredibly supportive of her and thirsty about Hana’s love life. It reminds me of my best friend and I. Mai is the crazy lovesick puppy whose head over heels for Jared. Also, I just wanna say that CreepsMcPasta is in this game and he plays as Asagao Academy’s creepy nurse. Dammnit my weakness is hot and creepy nurses/doctors! Goddamnit! WHY WOULD YOU MAKE HIM ONE OF THE HOTTEST CHARACTERS IN THE GAME AND NOT MAKE HIM A ROUTE!!!!

But short outburst out the way, I really like this game. I’m just upset I got to the fandom late. This game had a few problems for me. Such as a gray screen that pops up for no reason in the middle of gameplay, and some of the jokes. No lie, this game is very funny, but the “main character” joke got old fast. The first time it was like “Oh, ha ha.” The second time it was like, “Hehe, ya I get it.” The third time it was like. “…..” But anyways, this game isn’t old or anything, I just wish I knew about it sooner. Because I love being first! Well, now you know too!!! Link to this great game. It’s free. I still can’t believe this game is real. :/

Thanks and please leave a like! 😙





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