Black Butler (Live Action Film)

 How come I’m always so freaking late to know these things?!?!?! How come my best friend, who is new to anime, finds this stuff before me?!?!?! God… Anyways, apparently Black Butler has a live action film! And this came out when?? 2014? So late…


So let’s first talk about how it compares to the anime. Our two main characters from the anime Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian, get an order from the queen, to investigate a strange serial mummification deaths going around Japan. Since in the movie people are mysteriously dying and when they do, they dry up and turn into mummies!

Now…I have a lot of problems with this movie. People who have already watched are probably thinking that I’m talking about the fact that in this film, Ciel is played by a girl.


I had no problems with this. I already know how Japan feels about the LGBTQ communities, so I didn’t expect Ciel to be a boy in the first place. Plus, girls voice act and play as male characters all the time! And I’m not sure how the people watching the film would appreciate a grown Japanese man stroking a little boy but… I digress.

The problems I had in this film goes as followed…

How come everyone in this film looks and act like they don’t wanna be there? I swear these people act so awkward. I felt like I was watching an average college play. Not terrible acting, but not great either. The only emotions I spotted in this film were calm and really static, or yelling. And in my opinion… the guy who played Sebastian was the worst! Don’t get me wrong, he wasn’t a terrible actor, not at all. He just didn’t seem… Sebastian-y enough for me if that makes sense. It’s hard to truly explain. Basically, what made Sebastian awesome in the anime isn’t really present with this guy. The Sebastian in the anime was way more charming and funny. Just anything that made Sebastian great and likable seemed lost with this dude. I mean, they got the fact he likes cats right. But, that’s not all he is though…


Second thing… WHERE ARE ALL THE CHARACTERS FROM THE ANIME!!! Where’s Grell? Where’s Finnian? Where’s Baldroy? Why did the Undertaker have 10 seconds of screen time and why weren’t his eyes covered!!! Why was Mey-Rin in the movie but Finnian and Baldroy are not? Don’t get me wrong, I fucking love Mey-Rin, but where was everyone else??? Even Tanaka, who served almost no purpose in the anime was in the movie! WHY?


Tanaka in the movie was even more pointless than he was in the anime! He did nothing! He said nothing! They only showed him for 3 seconds drinking tea, (like he usually does in the anime) but that’s literally it. He was there…just because!! They honestly should’ve just had a painting of him! He was in it but not Baldroy and Finnian?


Mey-Rin only truly mattered in the movie when she started fighting . People who have never seen the anime wouldn’t get the part where her glasses fell off and why she suddenly started kicking ass. Because it looks like Mey-Rin, who had been kidnapped and helpless the entire film was suddenly out of nowhere granted the power of a thousand asspulls.



Speaking of fighting, Japan, please stop with the slow motion. Once was cool, but after that, it just looked lame. Also, I thought I could feel the camera man behind the screen. The camera moves so much.

And am I the only one who’s brain is locking up by the fact Ceil has this huge ass mansion that doesn’t fit the setting at all?  Because the movie is set in modern Japan and doesn’t look like the anime at all. This I had a problem with. Because the movie goes from a dark gritty city to a large beautiful CG rendered mansion. And that bothered me.


And lastly, the villains. What do they want to do? To take over the world (of course they do). But OH SNAP!!! Plot twist! I won’t say what happened, but since this person had so little effect on the movie in the beginning when they told their sob story I just didn’t care. Not enough development. Ugh…

I truly feel like if you never watched the anime, you won’t know what the hell is going on. I watched the anime and I was still going wtf?!? My best friend said this was the best thing she’s ever watched. Really??

What did I think? Well… it’s OK. Its meh. Not bad or good. It’s just OK. It needed more character development. Sorry, I just wasn’t feeling what they were putting out. Characters were in the movie that were not needed. Characters I wanted to see weren’t there. I feel as if it was rushed and had a ton of asspulls. So… yeah. This movie didn’t enrage me. As a fan of Black Butler I appreciate the attempt, but it was just missing a lot of stuff. I’m glad I saw it, though! But you can check it out for yourself if you want.



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