Opinions Shouldn’t ≠ Say or Do Whatever The Fuck You Want.

Oh, the internet. Can I just say how much I love you?  You’ve brought me so many things that have made me happy. People can post videos and create amazing content, can teach and bring amusement, give directions, and in less than seconds, can give me whatever I need/want to know! Also and most importantly, it can let other’s have their voices be heard. Just like how I’m doing right now. With such a substantial effect it’s had on the world, it’s no surprise that it probably one of the most important tool mankind has ever made! But, I am a firm believer, that anything good brought to us, something bad will happen. So, I learned something new today. It’s called Murphy’s Law. Murphy’s Law basically states that: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

But where am I going with this? Well, I just stated how much I adore the internet, and I probably couldn’t live without it. I’m sure 100% of us know about trolls and what not. But there are other’s I can’t really put into the troll category. Because trolls know that they’re trolling, but the people I’m talking about don’t. They truly believe that they can say whatever they want, do whatever they want, and instead of giving valid criticism and good argument points and talking like a normal human being, they get insistently triggered when your opinion is different than theirs. Even if they something rude, with no valid points to it, it’s still an opinion. Yes, someone saying, “You’re shit,” is an opinion. And for me think their opinion is garbage, is also an opinion. I believe these people are called Ad hominem they are also called Strawmen, in fact, there are plenty of fallacies to accuse them off but these are just the two I notice the most. I’d honestly just like to thank the internet for bringing out the best and bringing out the worst lowest common denominator troglodyte scum I’ve ever seen in my life.

Listen, I will never condemn bad behavior. I believe that if you say something on the internet and a person calls you out, they have the right to not censor your username.That’s because commenting on something, posting a video, or writing a blog or whatever, means your fine with the world seeing it. So if someone uses what you said and your username is shown, just know that you put it out there for everyone to see in the first place. But, that in no way in hell means you have the right to bully them. If you do then your pretty much scum just like they are.


But let’s be honest. I’m not even going to pretend like I’ve been a complete angel on the internet. I haven’t done anything terrible, but I’ve had my fair share of heated moments. Yes, I know someone will have and will continue to tell me to ignore them. But, it’s actually really hard. I’m sure plenty of people have felt the same way. It’s like if you ignore them, then somehow it feels like you let them win, and you lost the argument.

But let me explain something before I continue with what I about to say.  Probably half of the crap I see is on something political. And I’ll be honest, it mostly has to do with the presidential election. There is so much hate going on right now it’s sickening. I adore the Daily show, Steven Colbert, and all those other political comedy shows. (Because comedy is the only way I’ll pay attention to politics lol.) But in getting sick of the same old Donald Trump stuff (and the fucking ads). It causes so much divide in the comments. Such as this gem:

Btw this isn’t me. She was talking about a video the Daily Show did, giving Trump supporters and ideology test, and they all failed.

And the response she got:

*Ahem* *retarded.

And this brings up another thing I want to talk about. I also believe that, just because you can say something, it doesn’t always mean you should say it. I went into more detail about this in my Undertale review. Basically, cowards who hide behind their anonymity who think they can say and do whatever they want. Really think about it. If you brought all the people who use the internet together to meet face to face, do you think that half the crap people say on the internet they’ll say in real life? Right in front of each other? I don’t think so. Look at what people actually said about the New Orlando shooting (Warning, you will be offended, also I got these screenshots from a Youtuber named Dr. Shaym.)

Wow! That’s so great that you care!

Oh shocked? Not only were people so insensitive to the deaths of these gay men, some people actually thought the shooting never happened! Yes, I’m not joking, some people thought it was all a fucking conspiracy! These men lost their lives, and are worried about them being gay, and whether or not it actually happened. That’s a kind of evil I’m not even gonna mess with. One person even said that he wondered if Satan greeted them at the doors of hell. Well, I guess we’ll see when YOU get there buddy. It’s not for you to decide who goes to hell or not. It’s people like this that make me absolutely embarrassed to be Christian. Did they forget that these are actual people? With family, friends, and a life?
No…they weren’t…

Were they worried about the fact there was a terrorist running around?
No, they weren’t…

They’re worried about catching the gay and making conspiracies in their own little worlds.

And don’t even get me started on feminism:

I really hope they’re being satirical. -.-

I mean…just wow. Whenever you feel like there’s too much in hope the world. Please refer back to this. It will snap you back to reality. And you know, I feel bad for these people, and at the same time, I don’t. They’re gonna get so much hate and always wonder why. Well, I guess if you bring hate, you can always expect it to come right back. Kill all men? Seriously? Now, what if it were the other way around and it was kill all women? Then I guess to their deplorable minds it’d be sexist. But when they do it, it’s OK. And they wonder why no one takes feminism seriously. Now before you get your triggered in a twist, I’m not anti-feminist/feminism at all. I like feminism.

But anyways, this is just insane. I honestly wonder how these people’s lives are. Every day I get reminded that people like this exist, and it’s horrendous. And as I said before, most of it has to do with politics! How come they never put up a good conclusive argument, instead of “Fook u! u start kys!” I have run into these kinds of people many times across the internet. The full proof way, I learned to get them really riled up is:

#1, Give an opinion different from theirs.


#2, Call them out on their bullshit.

Now I’ll be damned if you think I’m going to stop giving my opinion, but the second one is kinda iffy. Interact with them, and be in a flame war. Don’t… And you just don’t. Let’s be honest, you saying something to them isn’t gonna change their sad way of thinking. I have no idea how many times I saw a comment that angered me, and instead of replying, I scrolled past it. That one moment… Scrolling past it kept me from interacting with a complete idiot. Mark Twain said one of my favorite quotes, “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” Truer word have never been spoken, my friend! I won’t stop giving my opinion, but I guess the way to limit your interactions with these kinds of people. Is to simply, just scroll. It’s not about being PC or whatever buzzword they like to use these days. It’s just about being a kind, respectful

human being.

(Or report them. That’s fine too.)

This post is different from what I usually do. So….meh. I’ll do what I want. Lol This was me kinda venting. The world is a mess right now. There’s enough hate in the world and we don’t need more people jumping on.


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  1. I agree! There are a lot of people that make me not want to call myself a Christian. The god they follow is not God. I think they forget the whole God is Love principle.

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