Tree of Savior Review

I was way too anxious to get this game. Tree of Savior is currently free to play on Steam. This game came out on March 28, 2016, and I bought the Founder’s Server: Exclusive Access 3 DLC. According to Steam, I put 53 hours into this game. And now after 7 months, I’m returning to it. Holy crap has things…stayed almost exactly the same???

This game has a 6/10 and a mixed rating on Steam! I scrolled down and all I could see was, Not Recommended, and if you played this game, it’s understandable people feel this way. I didn’t completely go into this game blind. Pretty much all I did was look at the classes and skills. I definitely should’ve done more research. It’s extremely hard for me to choose whether or not I should recommend people to play this game. The thing I hear most people complaining about is the lag and bots. The bots really are annoying. Coming back from 7 months and finding out this problem still isn’t fixed is really disappointing. And the lag…. OK, I have Intel HD so lag is what I’m used to. But depending on how many enemies and other players are on the screen, I’ll say it ran better than I expected. TOS is a very artistic style game and is in my top 5 most beautifully styled games. You can tell they were passionate about the artwork in this game. But are there more problems that out way the good?

Lol, look at my framerate and the bots spamming the chat.

This game is a grind fest. I’ll say it outright, if that’s not your kind of game, then skip TOS. The fighting has a little variety in gaming except for the awesome skills you get. It’s pretty much z, z, z, z, z, maybe 1, x, x, z, z, z, 2, 2, z, z, 3, z, x. Basically, you’re gonna be pressing that z button a lot because that’s your main attack.

But the monster placing is facepalming. Sometimes there are too many, and sometimes there are too little monsters spawning. If a quest has you needing to kill a specific monster, they won’t respawn for a really long time. Other times, many monsters will spawn outta nowhere! You can walk past most monsters without them attacking you, but if they spawn near you, they will immediately come after your ass. Players have taken advantage of  monsters spawning in because they come in huge quantities! They kill all the monsters, sit and wait, then more will spawn in. Rise and repeat. This is probably the fastest way to level up, especially if you’re in a party. You’ll share the EXP with each other.

Speaking of leveling up in this game, that’s also very messy. Say I’ll be level 34 with monsters my level. Alright. Then I head off to another area when I’m done and the monsters will be level 39. Um, OK? Then if a quest leads me somewhere else, monsters will be level 45-46, and I might be level 37! What the hell happened? Since I’m lower leveled, I have to nope the fuck outta there before I get my ass handed to me.

Outta all of those, the grinding is probably the worst part of the game. It’s easy to see why someone would get bored very quickly. But for some reason, I still like this game! I don’t know why? The music is great! The boss designs are great! The artwork is absolutely beautiful! I kept hearing of this game called Ragnarok Online that seems to be similar and very nostalgic among the community. I was young so I never got to play Ragnarok but the way people described it makes me wish that I could’ve. It seemed to be an amazing, friendly game in its time but I heard that it’s swarming with bots and that no one plays it anymore. I want TOS to become that game that people will love and remember, but only if the devs listen. But, I kind of recommend this game. I don’t recommend you purchase anything but at least try it out. If you wanna play with me, I’m currently an LVL 78 cleric. My main character is Denko Noah’sBottle (idkw I chose that dumb-ass name and now I can’t change it.) Remember, my computer’s a potato so I’ll try my best to help you if you need it lol. Please friend me on Steam! My name is Purin Panda!

Link to TOS on Steam

(Also did you know this is scheduled to get a mobile release? Link)



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