I watched the first few minutes of Brother’s Conflict and…

I never watched the damn anime and I already felt like I knew what I was getting into. I believe everyone has a bullshit meter somewhere hidden in their brains and mine screamed when I saw the promotional images for Brother’s Conflict.  A good friend of mine recommended this to me, and when she said the main female protagonist was blander than Diabolik Lover’s Yui, and dumber than Dance with the Devils (expect a review of that shitshow too) Ritsuka, I went in with my cringe high and expectations low.

And guess what?

No joke, no lie, the first 58 seconds of Brother’s conflict pissed me off. I had so many questions and only 58 seconds passed! I don’t think that’s happened to me since I’ve watched Momokun Sword! The main girl, Hinata is on a train on her way to meet her new stepbrothers. I said, stepbrothers. Yes, the anime is going there, but I’ll talk about that later. This is what’s wrong in a couple minutes of Brother’s Conflict.



  1. Firstly, let’s talk about Hinata’s sidekick/pet Juli. Juli the squirrel pissed me off the fastest. Juli does not fit into the world that’s around him at all. There are no other animals like him, so why does he even exist? How does a grey squirrel creature, that can speak, not draw any sort of attention from anybody? Why can Hinata understand him, but no one else can? Also, Juli seems to know way more about the brothers than Hinata? Ya know, the girl that’s supposed to become their sister! Hinata seemed like she knew absolutely nothing, but Juli did. How did he obtain this information considering this is supposed to be their first time meeting the brothers?! I guess grey squirrel thing = exposition dumper. But even though I’m ranting on him, Juli seems to be the one with the most common sense! He constantly tries to get Hinata away from the brothers, and for good reasons too, ( I’m going to speak about that in a second) but since I know Hinata’s dumb, so she won’t pay attention. This anime has the maturity of a 15-year old’s fanfiction writing, I knew  they were going to throw in Hinata’s love story with Juli so that means bestiality!!!


2. I can already tell that the brothers are going to have no discernable traits other than their hair colour. There are 13 of them, and they’re all going to have one single discernable trait because the anime doesn’t know how to build its characters. I can tell because the red-headed one is an obvious tsundere and that’s all he’s ever going to be because for some reason in anime’s the red-head is always a tsundere. Speaking of him, it turns out that he and Hinata are in the exact same class! Yet, he didn’t even know he was getting a stepsister in the first place. You would’ve thought that be pretty fucking important to know!

But anyways, let’s talk about the rest of them. The first episode, they never met each other, and they’re already trying to fuck their sister! I really hate these characters. They never even met! Even if they did know each other very well, why your stepsister??? Why do animes throw fucking incest into their show for no reason? They don’t even have to be sister and brother to be close Japan! They could’ve done a stereotypical, high school girl meets 13 highschool boys and blah blah blah! It looks like thats what they were going to do at first (because none of the brothers look related anyways) but thought that be unoriginal, so made them all brothers. Also, one of the brothers in an elementary school kid so that means paedophilia!!!


3. The main girl is blander than plain cheerios and her only personality trait is going to be “nice and shy girl” and that’s all she’s ever going to be. Because she’s shy, she never says anything about her brothers trying to be all touchy feely on her. She’ll probably say something like, she wants to get “close” to them, or “figure them out and get to know them” and blah blah blah blah we all know that’s just a bullshit statement so Hinata will have a reason to stay. And of course because the parents are gone, these kids are going to do whatever they want. She never realizes her brothers are perving on her even when Juri tells her, because she’s an idiot.

Let me remind you that this was the first few minutes of Brother’s Conflict. Oh god, I can’t even fathom how terrible and flawed the rest of the anime must be. I already know this anime’s going to go through the, “one guy for one episode” formula. I’m not going to finish this. But I’ll review Dance with the Devils, another day.


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