Beauty And The War Demo Review

 Damn Panda back at it again with the late reviews! lol just kidding. I haven’t reviewed anything in a while due to school (CURSE YOU HIGHSCHOOL!!!). So I apologize to like…three people who actually read my reviews lol. Anyways, today I bring you a very unique otome game. Beauty and The War! A game made by Poison Apple Tales. I gotta admit, so far this is one of the most unique otome game I’ve played this year (I said ONE of!! Please don’t hate me Mystic Messenger husbandos!).

First things first, the artwork is: 👌

Or in English, meaning it’s really well done. It took me a while to get used to it because I’ve never seen animation in an otome game. It kinda reminds me of the art style in the anime version of Gankutsuou. Where EVERYTHING is made of wallpaper! Ambrosia and her cousins Rosemary and Jasmine look beautiful and so do the Valkyrie Clan (although the choices of clothing they decided to wear raised my eyebrow to my hairline).

Seriously, what are you wearing??

But since were talking about the artwork, we, of course, have to talk about the single most very extremely immensely truly intensely important thing…

Yeah I know there are more guys but I think these are the only ones you can “get with” in the demo.

I think there are 5-6 maybe???? I can’t really remember. But what I DO remember is that we have two blondies. They both wanna give Ambrosia the succ, but of course, she’s a dingus and doesn’t notice. Arsenik lowkey looks like a fuckin’ vampire, and Viktor looks like his hot and bothered fledgling nephew. (Lol if it turns out they’re actually some sort of vampire or werewolf thing I’m done! 😂)  Jesus why do they do this to me! I swear I see a new hot bishōunen character every other week! Then, I gotta add them to my husbando list which is already longer than it should be! Ugh…

Anyways, I also remember my new main squeeze, Sir Chase, who I loved immediately and constantly said “AWWWW” to. But, what basically made me fall in love with him was this:

I started clapping like a retarded seal. This shit had me doing the shmoney dance.
Wtf are you two idiots talking about? Chase is TALL AND THICC AF!!

OK my thirsty self aside, I love the lore and all the characters so far. I especially love Ambrosia’s two cousins, Jasmine and Rosemary. They’re gossipy and like attractive guys so…. 100% relatable. I of course like the main heroine, Ambrosia. She looks exactly how I’d thought she’d look. Beautiful. And acts exactly how I thought she’d act. A caring and kind, but a sometimes clueless young woman. Sometimes I thought to myself, “THEY OBVIOUSLY LIKE YOU, YOU DINGUS! COME ON!!!” Man holy shit if I were Ambrosia (well I technically am but you know what I mean) and I knew these guys liked me, you bet your ass there would be some major sinning.

The gameplay when you’re not talking to someone basically is 56% this:


Not that there’s anything wrong with it. I like how they explain what everything you harvest can be used for. Such as food, clothes, beds, etc. It gives the game more life in my opinion. One thing I also love how it may connect to the game Don’t Take This Risk which I also played and love. (Please love me suicidal blanket French dude)

I’m not new to this game, but I can just imagine someone stumbling across this fandom. Fangirls are crazy lmao!

So, I’d say this is a unique otome game, and I can’t wait for it to come out. I’ll probably have to pay for it, but I can’t since I’m a broke af highschooler who sits in her “I hate Mondays” T-shirt (that is if I’m not in my zebra onesie) watching anime, and playing otome games all goddamn weekend. So I’ll probably be unable to review the full version when it comes out. 😥
Since I probably won’t be able to get it, and can’t support with money I’ll leave links to Beauty and the War , and Don’t Take This Risk. So maybe you can! 🙂
Pls like, comment or follow. (Or don’t, I don’t care lol)


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  1. Hey, love this article! I’m a fellow BATW fan too. They just released their V.2 beta demo last week if you want to check that out. If you liked V.1, you will definitely love V.2. 🙂

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