Hello everybody! Here to tell everyone it’s #mentalhealthawarnessweek! It’s exactly what the title above implies. So I encourage everyone to take apart in this week and discuss mental health issues among other people.

Families, friends, whatever! Be vocal about it since it is a serious issue that effects many people around the world. I’m sad that this is made to be only one week though. Mental issues always needs to be talked about. And for people that do suffer from these issues, I just wanted to say that, you’re not alone. Please talk to someone, and if need be, a professional. I am not by any means a professional. But by all means feel free to talk to me if you want to, and I will listen. Having empathy and being kind for other people is very important. It’s very easy to hate, so why don’t we take a challenge and actually be kind to each other? With what’s going on in the world right now, every single day, where hating on other people is now normalized, I think #mentalawarenessweek is what we need. To bring some light onto this over stigmatized and serious issue.

Thank you everyone. 💞💟💖


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