Top 10 BEST and WORST Anime I’ve Ever Seen In My Life!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything (well its summer now)! It’s finally time for me to show you guys what I think are some of the best, and worst anime I’ve ever seen in my life. Some of these are so good, they just might change you! I know some of them have changed me. Some for worse…

So let’s get right to it! 10 anime for each one category! I’ll start with my top 10 best anime:


Space Dandy

This is a hilarious anime that features an irresponsible man who loves alien hunting, space travel and boobies, a very responsible robot, and a cat-thingy… I’ve seen many episodes of Space Dandy. The best part is, you dont even need to start from the beginning to get the gist of it. You can skip around, and even go back! It’s funny, and can even be serious when it wants too. I give this a light recommendation.



This is a very cool mystery anime about kids trapped at their school by a teddy bear and forced to murder each other! Sounds lovely! More than anything else, I’m recomending the Danganronpa game series. The anime is just as good, but its easy to get lost watching them. So watch someone play the games first (or play them yourself), before the anime. I give this a light recommendation.


Gays On Ice (Yuri On Ice)

This just has to be on the list. It’s a great skating/kinda BL romance fanservice anime. Anyone who watches a lot of anime had to have heard of this anime. It blew up like crazy in popularity. The reason its so low on the list is because it’s not for everyone. I’m a yaoi fangirl so I’m being biased lol. For some reason not everyone appreciates the gay like I do but…meh. I give this a medium recommendation. 


Miss Kobayashis Dragon Maid

Few words…maid dragons, loli dragons, big boobied dragons, a hot Sebastian-y looking dragons. Plus, humor and great life lessons. It’s basically asking to be on the list. It’s a good anime. My only problem being the depraved loli bait fanservice shit but besides that, its great! I give this a medium recommendation.


Little Witch Academia

As a person who LOVES witchy type animes, this was a huge hit for me. I love magical anime. I have yet to see the entire season but so far, it’s really good. I give this a light recommendation. Watch it on a long trip to wherever you go this summer. It makes the experience better. This also get a medium recommendation from me.


Angel Beats

Aka, the drown me in tears and unironically play the sad violin song anime. As far as I can remember, this is the first anime that made me cry. Characters are so realistic and the anime is even funny sometimes! How is that possible! I will not say a thing about this anime because telling even a little bit would be spoiling way to much in my opinion. This gets a must watch from me


Usagi Drop

This is a heartwarming story about a man who adopts an adorable little girl named Rin. I dont see this kind of story in many anime. I wish there actually was more though. I give this a medium watch. Oh yeah one thing, don’t read the manga! For the love of everything that is holy, please do not read it if you’re curious and want to find out more. But if you absolutely have to now that I’ve said that, please watch the anime first. If I could, I’d throw the manga into my worst manga I’ve ever read category, but these lists are just for anime. Congratulations to Usagi Drop for having the worst ending to a manga, I’ve ever seen in my life.



I already did a full review of Gankutsuou here if you want my full opinion on it. But I just have to say it once again, that Gankutsuou is one of my favorite anime. This is a drama/mystery anime. You’ll find yourself binge watching this anime because of the amazing plot and cliffhangers. But its really easy to get lost in this anime trying to figure out who is affiliated with who, and who’s doing or has done what and the reason why. I also gotta point out the animation. It’s…just…what??? Anyways, this is a must watch.


Death Parade

I also reviewed this one too! Which can be read here if you want. This is also, one of my most favorite anime of all time (this and the next one)! Its mostly deals with death, and friendship. This one somehow found a way to warm my cold, cold heart…. Then immediately crush it, burn it, and nonchalantly give it back. And it was the best feeling I ever felt while watching an anime. Tears where shed, and life got a nice rethinking. A must watch.


Planetarian Chiisana Yoshi No Yume

I reviewed this one too (here if you care) lol. BUT HOW COULD I NOT!!! Literally once I was done watching it, I instantly began my review. This is one of those soul crushing, drown me in feels, rethink everything, cry under the sheets kind if anime. Its about a man, who builds a relationship with an abandoned and very oblivious robot girl. Its such a good daughter/father/friend relationship. I can’t explain the emotional rollercoaster I went on with this one. And its only five episodes!! Only five!!! So if you can, drop the anime you’re currently watching to watch this anime. I promise it will be worth your time. Go in in to a  quiet place, and just watch it. This is an absolute must watch.

Honorable Mentions Go To: 

* Mononoke(TV series)

* Mushishi

* Flip Flappers

* Black Butler

* Kamigami No Asobi
So, now its time to get on with the bad anime. And by bad anime, some of these are almost unwatchable. Lord help me…


Mirai Nikki

Yeah I said it! I said it! This anime is bad!!! Weirdly enough, I actually love this anime (that sure did change quickly didn’t it?) This was one of the first anime I’ve ever watched, and I loved it. But I can admit, it was pretty terrible. Characters did some dumb shit, plot made no sense, they would show a character’s background then immediately killed them off, the anime uses rape (a fucking lot) as a way to create drama and tension because thats the only way it knows how, and does it terribly. The only thing I liked was Yuno and Yukki’s relationship. That was the only interesting thing about it. But Yuki is a bitch character.


Diabolik Lovers

I already said everything that needed to be said about this anime in a different review so I’m not gonna waste any time with this. This is a terrible vampire anime. Complete with sexual harrassment, idiot main heroines, and “bitch-chans.” The only reason I like it is because the guys are hot and that’s it.


Kaichou Wa Maid Sama

That’s right! Yeah I said it! Come at me Maid-Sama fans! Disliking Maid Sama is a very unpopular opinion, but I already said everything I had to about this anime in another review too. Terrible anime. My hatred has dimmed because I just lack the capacity to care anymore. Everytime I look at the artwork of this anime it makes me wish so badly that I could like it. But I don’t. I’ve never seen a bad a review of this anime except for one. So many people like it, so I feel like a minority in this situation. If you like it, more power to ya. But this is a big no for me. It’s terrible.


Momokyun Sword

Terrible ecchi anime. Everything done here is wrong, and has many plot holes and continuity errors. I already hate the ecchi genre because so many of them are terrible. This only fuels my hatred for the genre more.


Brothers Conflict

No, dear God please no. I hate incest anime. I dont care if they’re not related. It doesn’t matter, so please STOP! It’s so gross. The main character and the brothers have never met before, yet when they do, they’re already hitting on their sister. And the main chick, of course, is so dumb she doesn’t even realize it. She doesn’t state cleary and firmly with her brothers, “No, get the fuck away from me you creeps, this is not OK. Dont hit on me anymore, EVER!!!” And of course she doesn’t. She brushes it off. I had my little sister, who has never watched anime before, suffer with me and watch it. Said it was the worst piece of shit anime ever.


Big Order

*Smdh* Should’ve been call Big Mess. This is like the McDonalds of anime. Not good for you, but it’s there so you take it anyways. This anime isn’t jack shit. Some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen in my life in an anime, happens. The only reason you should watch it is if you want to see how bad it gets. Also, its a rip-off of Mirai Nikki. AND THE F@%#%# INCEST!!!!


Garzey’s Wing


This is… I dont even know. Nothing…absolutly nothing is done correctly in this anime. It’s so bad, that I actually recommend this because of how hilariously terrible it is. I can’t even tell you the plot! I really would but…. I COULDNT EXPLAIN IT IF I TRIED!!! You’d have to be joking if you could make something as bad as Garzey’s Wing. The voice acting, the animation, and the plot, nothing was done correctly. By all means go watch it if you want a good laugh. It’s not painfully terrible, but this is the type of anime I’d recommend to a friend as a joke or meme and say it’s the best anime in existance.



OK, I know I said Momokyun Sword’s ecchi was bad, but this has to be the worst ecchi anime in existence. The boobs are out of control in this show. They are so huge im wondering how they’re even able to stand! To the point where it just looks disgusting. There’s literally nothing to be said about this anime that hasn’t been said before. Oh and the English dub can burn in hell.


DMMD (anime version)

It must be such a bliss to have never known about this about this anime. I only knew about the DMMD game. Which is a yaoi game and I love it. I sat through this, because I wanted to see if it was actually as bad as everyone says it is. It’s just like the game, but more of a piss soup.  (The story is to hard to explain whether its the game or not) I…dont even…. It’s like the creator of this anime, had the goal to make an anime that would just piss off even the most hardcore yaoi fangirl. Also, the english dub… Holy shit the English dub is so bad it’s hilarious. They say cringy stuff like “dude,” “bro,” and “man”. Ugh… I really want to like english dubs why do they have to ruin everything?Hahaha! And the animation was so terrible the creators had to go back and fix it.😂 How can you beat this level of incompetency. Well with our final anime….

#1 (you already know)

[I’m not showing a picture for this filth]

Child Penis Diddlers, The Anime

Normalizing Pedophilia, The Anime

2 Chicos 1 Pico

Aka, Boku No Pico. Everything that has been said in the past and present about this anime still and will always stand. They actually had the dick and balls to make TWO MORE OVAS!!! The disclaimer one the ova said that “they dont support pedophilia” and “it’s an art project” HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!…..Ok then😂. If you look through my blog, you’ll find out very quickly that I am a yaoi fanatic. This “anime” actually almost ruined yaoi for me for the rest of my life! XD It’s so infamous it’s become a meme. Please burn in hell, disgusting shit munching Boku No Pico. 

Dishonorable Mentions Go To

*Diabolik Lovers Season 2

* No Money

*Super Lovers

*School Days

*No Game No Life (yup, come at me)

And thats it! All of my best and worst anime ever! Whether it’s a good anime or bad anime, im glad to have anime in my life. (Actually that’s a lie, I could live without some of these anime) Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Top 10 BEST and WORST Anime I’ve Ever Seen In My Life!

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  1. We have such similar taste. I shall be checking out some of the anime on your top 10 list! By the way, have you ever played Danganronpa 2? I fully stand by the opinion that the second game was completely robbed by never getting an anime.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t played it per say, but I have watched it! Not the entire thing though. I’m waiting for a certain YouTuber to play it first! I have watched the danganronpa animes though! And I was so sad there was no anise for that! I wanted to see Komaeda soooooo fricken bad!!! :, (


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