So awhile ago I made a page talking about how I thought I wanted to be on Tumblr, and I wasn’t so sure. I choose WordPress over Tumblr because I thought that’s where the “big dogs” were. Also it just scared me in general because it’s the largest blogging platform. I also had trouble actually trying to make an account, so I took it as a sign that I didn’t need Tumblr. But I did it anyways! That doesn’t mean I won’t upload on WordPress though! This is still my first and favorite blogging platform. I’m just trying something new. It also means I might not upload as much here (I don’t uploaded here much regardless tbh). I’m just testing new waters is all. I exported everything on here, over there. So everything’s pretty much the same. I’ll leave a link here: purinpanda.tumblr.com

Also if you guys sign up under this link https://teensearncash.com/?ref=PurinePanda32 I can make moneeeyzz!! And so can you. WordPress kinda sucks with monetization so this is kinda the only way.


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