I’m redbeanpanda!!

Hello guys!! I’m really excited to be here for the first time! This is my first time doing a blog or writing reviews. But I feel like with a little help I can manage.

What I really want are opinions on the anime I review so it’s a nice conversational thing. I want meaningful opinions on my writing, not butthurt comments. This seems like a friendly community so im not to worried. We all have our own opinions.

Im very passionate about this, and I’m hoping my friend will join me on here soon so we can write reviews together. Two great minds with different opinions and insight.

I take maybe a few days to write a review. I do alot in a short amount of time though. That way everything can be nice and detailed, and thoughtful.

But be warned.I do swear in my reviews. Sorry guys. I just have my own flow. Hopefully it won’t be to big of a deal.

So, please enjoy my new blog. Leave a like if you like and If you don’t that’s fine too.


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