Beauty And The War Demo Review

 Damn Panda back at it again with the late reviews! lol just kidding. I haven’t reviewed anything in a while due to school (CURSE YOU HIGHSCHOOL!!!). So I apologize to like…three people who actually read my reviews lol. Anyways, today I bring you a very unique otome game. Beauty and The War! A game made by Poison Apple Tales. I gotta admit, so far this is one of the most unique otome game I’ve played this year (I said ONE of!! Please don’t hate me Mystic Messenger husbandos!).

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Planetarian: Chiisana Hoshi No Yume Review

Let’s talk about Planetarian: Chiisana Hoshi No Yume. It’s been a long time since I’ve come across an anime like this. The last time I felt so torn up about an anime like this was when I watched Angel Beats. Yes, I’ll be upfront and say that this is one of those soul-crushing animes. Surprisingly it doesn’t follow the standard 12 episode, 25 minutes long formula that most animes do! It has only 5 episodes and each episode varied in length!

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I watched the first few minutes of Brother’s Conflict and…

I never watched the damn anime and I already felt like I knew what I was getting into. I believe everyone has a bullshit meter somewhere hidden in their brains and mine screamed when I saw the promotional images for Brother’s Conflict.  A good friend of mine recommended this to me, and when she said the main female protagonist was blander than Diabolik Lover’s Yui, and dumber than Dance with the Devils (expect a review of that shitshow too) Ritsuka, I went in with my cringe high and expectations low. Continue reading “I watched the first few minutes of Brother’s Conflict and…”

Does Gatsby Have An Obsessive Love Disorder?!?!

Love might be blind, but obsession is unsatisfactory. When one is blinded by love, they tend to be less logical, and constantly overlook the faults of their significant other. So smitten by their significant other that they will still think of them as caring, faithful, loving, and beautiful even if that isn’t necessarily true. They will do anything to have them. In the story, The Great Gatsby, by Scott Fitzgerald, the main character Gatsby is so obsessed it seems like he fancies his own interests rather than thinking about her feelings. But his overwhelming love for her is why he eventually lost his life. And even after death, he was still thinking of her. Truly romantic! But, did you ever think that Gatsby had Obsessive Love Disorder? Gatsby does do everything a person with Obsessive Love Disorder would do if you really think about it! Continue reading “Does Gatsby Have An Obsessive Love Disorder?!?!”

Opinions Shouldn’t ≠ Say or Do Whatever The Fuck You Want.

Oh, the internet. Can I just say how much I love you?  You’ve brought me so many things that have made me happy. People can post videos and create amazing content, can teach and bring amusement, give directions, and in less than seconds, can give me whatever I need/want to know! Also and most importantly, it can let other’s have their voices be heard. Just like how I’m doing right now. With such a substantial effect it’s had on the world, it’s no surprise that it probably one of the most important tool mankind has ever made! But, I am a firm believer, that anything good brought to us, something bad will happen. So, I learned something new today. It’s called Murphy’s Law. Murphy’s Law basically states that: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

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Asagao Academy Normal Boots Club

Never heard of this game? That’s OK I’m late to the fandom too! I heard about this game when one of my favorite YouTubers, DevliciousGaming started playing it on her Let’s Play channel. I was thinking to myself while watching it, “Where have I seen that logo?” The logo on the harem members jackets. Then it hit me. Oh goodness! These are the guys from Normal Boots! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, maybe you’ll recognize these famous YouTubers: Continue reading “Asagao Academy Normal Boots Club”

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